Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Have Made a Decision

I just hope we can pull it off.

And, no. . .we are not robbing a bank.

We have decided to have a yard sale.  Perhaps, we're thinking, we can raise enough money to get somewhere out of this state for a few days.

Found this little gem today. My Dad's 1938 Erector Set

I don't do yard sales well. I know all the rules and how to price and blah, blah, blah - but the  few I have held for my parents sucked. Because the people suck. Can't wait to hear the comments on that statement.

I do love to go to yard sales and when I go I am always polite and respectful and if the price is reasonable I won't barter. I don't mind people bartering at my yard sale, but I am no good at it. I won't even ask.  I think it goes back to the one and only time I tried to get a lower price on our washer and dryer and the little woman shot me down like the Red Baron.

Some things I have found while running a yard sale:
- People are insulting, thinking they are going to get a lower price.  "Oh this old thing? I can get that for pennies new."  Honey, that is a Longaberger basket and no one can get that for pennies anywhere.
- People steal/shoplift.  This is probably what makes me the most likely to scream "Citizen's Arrest".  I have seen people pick up clothing, purses and hats, put them on and walk off towards their car. When we did catch up to them, in every single case, they pretended not to speak English, but did hand back the merchandise with a shrug. No real chance of this happening here, considering [the not speaking English part] but. . .
-People who pay in pennies.  They think if they are wasting your time you'll just stop them and let them go at $7.80, instead of the $10.50 they owe. Nope. I have all the time in the world and you just paid for a set of books with a 20 bill. You have change. But pennies spend. . .keep counting sweetie.
-People who try to pay by check. NO.
-Kids who aren't supervised and actually break the stuff for sale. I don't mind them trying out the stuff, but really kid?  Why are you touching a glass vase? Planning on buying flowers for your kindergarten teacher? Put it down. But heaven forbid you say anything to the little dumpling, 'cause Momma will come over and give you what for because you interrupted her important decision between a .50 Harry Potter DVD and a whisk. "Don't talk to my child." Why don't you? No works.  So up went a sign "You break, you buy. Price asked, no bartering."
-People who want to go in the house/people you find in your house.  I grew weary of this scenario during the first yard sale - "So what do you have in the house? Think I could have a look around?" NO. It's a YARD SALE, see the grass?  My brother and I roped the house off and posted signs that said there was nothing available in the house. Sigh.

What else have I forgotten erased from my memory?

There will be a lot of history and memories going, but that's okay because I am not so much attached to stuff as I am to my family - and no I am not selling anything the kids want to keep or belongs to them, this is specifically my stuff that just doesn't mean that much to me or I can't use anymore [sewing machine anyone? I have three! :D  ] and some larger furniture we can live without. How did I end up with three armoires? giggle  The things are hard to move. So, out go two of them. One is my Grandma's, that stays.

But if this is what I have to do to make this happen, then so be it.

And before anyone screams "Avoidance" to me - I remember specifically asking you not to question what we do with our children. Well, that took three days.  Anyhoodle - I know I have to tell them if we can't pull this off but I thought I was pretty clear that our older daughter is still at school - which leaves her younger sister home alone. What do you suggest, I call Emily at school and break the news on the phone? Or do I  tell Evelyn, here at home, who is incredibly close to her sister and let her suffer while we wait to pick up Em?

I am not a dink - I know they have to be told. But I am certainly not going to break a heart by phone. Or leave our littlest alone, knowing the news without the ability to share it with her sister.

If you had any idea how excited the family was the I was willing to risk a long car ride and a bed not my own, hours from my doctors and hospital - then I think you would better appreciate what THIS vacation means to them. To me.

And for those that emailed and mentioned that there will be other vacations?  Well, you seem to not understand why I stopped this blog in October or why when I came back I told ya' all that it wasn't good.  Sorry that you missed that, but I know, my husband knows and my kids know, this may well be our last one together.

They live in this house everyday with me. The rest of the world doesn't.

I realize I am pretty damn upbeat and happy in internetland, and for the most part I am. But, what would you prefer? I be Janinie Downer everyday?

You all know how much I appreciate and love you, but I guess I am just not clear enough. Am I?

Have a great Thursday. In the best way you know how.


Gypsy said...

I will do my best to send strong and positive vibes your way for the best yard sale you've ever seen! I agree about people - folks who might be wonderful in another context seem to turn crazy at a yard sale.

Juli said...

Damn it. And I need an armoire.

And I'll never get it back in the car with the kids...

...maybe if I left the kids with you...

colenic said...

I hate yard sales...but I would gladly come and spend oodles of money so that you could go on vacation....I love ya...xoxoxo

Linda said...

I am guessing somewhere around $200 or more for the erector set. Take it to an antique shop or sell it to me if you want $20. DO NOT let a child touch it. Carry it around if you have to. Put it in a cage, behind glass or just put up a sign advertising it and THEN bring it out when someone asks. Seriously, don't let anyone talk you down from a really high price.

Tell the brats and the good kids to put stuff down. Let them leave the yard sale if they need to. I was furious with my kids for touching.

Well, I have my ideas about your kids, but it seemed to me you had hard decisions to make and a little too much anguish to have to hear an opinion of anyone. Sorry for all that anguish you have to bear.

What do you want for the erector set?

Linda said...

I will send the money and worry about shipping later.

Sally said...

I think a yard sale is an excellent way to be rid of things that may be cluttering your life and at the same time making up some of that money that big pharma did you out of. If I lived closer, I could come buy a sewing machine :)

I won't give you any pricing advice since I'm sure you know what you are doing. Good luck! We did a garage sale at my mom's earlier this year and I was thrilled to be rid of some things and make some money. Luckily, there was no one that was trying to steal (at least that I noticed) and not too much of the attempted bartering. I did accept one check, but that's only because of the area and it was someone that my mom knew.

Juli said...

If you have any other gems like this maybe you should check out FB yard sale in Orange VA. Not kidding, I don't know much about it, but it good be a great marketing tool to get people to your yard sale, or get the stuff sold before hand.

Just a thought.

Teresa said...

Man! I wish I lived closer! I love, Love, LOVE to do yard sales. And, I have no problem accosting would-be thieves who pretend to not speak the language, or who just "forgot" they had something, or who were just going to "show it to Mama" over there. Yeah, right. I was born in the dark, but it wasn't last night!

Another thing you might think about is the FB sale groups. There are several in my area and I've sold quite a bit on there that I didn't have to worry with a yard sale for. Most of the people on those pages are used to driving to where the item is and they (mostly) pay what you're asking. I did have a gal show up to purchase a lawn chair ($7 on it) and she didn't quibble about the price, but then as she's paying me let me know she didn't have change. SERIOUSLY? She KNEW she wanted this chair and brought a $20 - without messaging me to ask if I could break it. She messaged me to let me know she was on her way; she could have asked if I had change. She KNEW what she was doing. I certainly wished I'd had $3 worth of pennies to give her. Instead, she got the chair for $5 (I had $15 in change - not $12).

(Oops... I think i highjacked your post.)

Julie said...

Good afternoon. I came via Biz and stayed because I like your style of writing and your frankness and the fact you just say it like it is. I have spent a bit of my day reading your posts back a ways and am in awe just on how you handle things. Life didn't promise you roses and you don't expect them but a few buds along the way would be awesome.
I agree with you about garage sales, I like to go to them but I don't like to host them. Your MIL is wonderful and a great person to be able to settle the mind and heart. I am glad your family was okay after the accident and I too live in a very small town and know about knowing the cops names and all. I didn't read back about your health issues but did read your profile. You have your hands full to say the least.
I will be following you and though I can't help you from Minnesota I can pray for you and your family and that is what I'll do.
I hope that you make enough on your garage sale to go on your vacation or at least some mini one the week everyone is able. I too know about picking the fly specks out of the pepper (no money).
Take care my new friend. Blessings!!

Tessa said...

Ok, just who do I have to lecture so that they do not comment on your raising of your children or why you do the things you do. Really people, give her a break she has enough to deal with without your insensitive words or criticism. This lady is one of the most precious friends I have and she lives each day to the fullest even though she struggles with health issues. Please respect her wishes or leave, she doesn't need you here.
Miss Skippy, I love you and wish I was much closer so I could help you out. I'm sending garage sale blessings that all goes good for you. I personally don't mind doing them, but they can be tedious. By the way what's the asking price for the yard Hugs.

ellen abbott said...

it was clear enough to me the first time. good luck with the yard sale. I hate to do the things. would rather just donate all the stuff to some worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Sending positive vibes that you make a ton of $$$ this weekend!

I love a good garage sale - and sadly, when Hannah was first able to talk, I would hand her a dollar and the item I wanted and would have her walk up to the person and ask "can I have this for $1" even if the price tag said $10! They would think it was so cute, it usually worked!

Hugs to you my friend! :D

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Hey, sweetie, I hope only the most high-end people with oodles of cash to throw at you come to your sale this weekend. That erector set alone would be worth quite a bit to a collector... with the original box even!... but I know you want to do it NOW and have the money NOW. (I don't blame you. I don't mess with places like eBay, either.) Good luck! I'll be thinking about ya.


LALisa said...

all the best... love ya new friend!

life in the mom lane said...

I am slow on the uptake (loads going on here with cheer girlie getting her first big girl job and moving next weekend to Hoboken, NJ) all that being said, I saw you made some nice change!! Yay!
I hate doing yard sales, but like going to them- you're right people are down right obnoxious at them!!! Hopefully you made enough to get away for a bit!!! {hugs}

Yum Yucky said...

I'm so afraid to have a yard sale. What if I sit outside all day and no one stops to buy anything? I have nightmares about that scenario!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you made tons of $$!!
We are hanging in here at Mayo - that is one well oiled machine!


Julie said...

How did you do my new friend? I hope all went better than planned. I hope there was respect and offers that were good.
Have a blessed week.

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