Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

My husband surprised me with an anniversary present.  We don't exchange presents, but the JMU sticker showed up in the mail a few days ago.  I know how much you Tadpoles love my husband - and yes, he is a great guy - so please, a resounding chorus of "awwwwww" s is okay ::rolling my eyes:: giggle

Why are the stickers important?  Read here:  Noonish? Who said Noon. [I know you guys remember that is just for someone swimmin' by and reading this post first.]

The Vikings sticker is from a dear friend and fellow Vikings fan [honestly? She sucked me into that fandom and I am loving it. hee] That is the "special" sticker I was talking about when I went out to the car to put it on and saw the girls' stickers were gone because of the accident.

I can't replace the Titans band sticker because Evie no longer goes to that school, but I can probably find an OCHS sticker to go in the other corner. It does look a little incomplete in the meantime, and that makes me a little sad. But it's a stupid thing to be sad about.  It's just a sticker.

In other news...since my driving days are nearing an end, we have decided to give Ozcarz to Evie for her 17th birthday.  We are ordering plates with her name [nickname] on them, and giving her a set of keys.  She prefers driving him over our mini van [you think?]  but there's really no reason for me to have him as my car as she will be driving it all the time.

And then?  All the stickers come off.

So who knows why this is even making a difference in my life right now.


ellen abbott said...

It's the little things, sweetie, the little things.

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