Friday, July 25, 2014

And the Results are IN!

Woohoo!  The judging is over for the Orange County Fair and may I just say we have one happy little girl.

This pic' was drawn with charcoal on newsprint.  It is from a pic' her friend gave her. He wanted her to draw it.  He will receive it after the fair.
This one cracked me up.  It is pastel [again on newsprint] and the photo quality is bad, but?  It is a vivid purple orchid with antlers. Don't ask.  Like I always say "It's Evie."
 My favorite.  Acrylic on canvas. The glare is from plastic sheeting they placed over it due to rain, and the gray, black and white you see on the far right is not part of it.  It is an overlap from another painting.
 Family favorite.  This was also shown in our town art gallery and the owner offered to allow Evie to sell her work there because the owner loved this one so much.  It is Evie's Grandfather's day present. He has had to wait a bit.  It is scratchboard.
 Pencil on paper.  Evie didn't expect this to place and is happy for the ribbon. She told us the 1st place was amazing.  And it was! :)
 Colored pencil on paper.  She named this "Victoria".
The pictures aren't the best - but you get the idea.  Five 1st place and one 2nd for her art.

As for her 9 pictures?  She placed in every single one - YAY! ::skippyhappydance::

First place ribbons were awarded for the following:
The fence with the blue sky [everyone seems to love that pic' :) ]
The black and white of the boy with bowtie and his girl friend
Sun over the lake
The pond in the field
And Momma's favorite - the Ferris wheel

Second place ribbons were awarded for the pics:
Roller Coaster in sunset
And the self portrait of the butterfly and converse

Third place went to:
The two friends on the dock
And surprisingly?  The steps with the flowers.  She very happy with a third, but that is the second pic' everyone seems to love so much. :)

All totalled?  She entered 15 pieces and won 10 1st place, 3 2nd place and 2 3rd place.

I have never heard her happier.  And that? Makes me the happiest Momma in the world.

Thank you SO very much for your support here and on FB. Tadpoles she shower her with so much love and confidence boosting I can't imagine that she wouldn't have grown in her skill and passion without you.

Steven and I thank you.
[Evie too! Big goof smiles so big whenever she reads my pages and your comments. heehe]

Hugs and love, Janine


CWMartin said...

They were all VERY good. #3 really pops out at me.

Unknown said...

Her work is amazing!

Gypsy said...

Evie is so talented and I send my congratulations for her success. I think I like the lion the best, although I thought my fave would be the acrylic when I first saw it. They are all so good it's nearly impossible to pick out just one.

1st Man said...

WoW! What a talent!! Congrats on the artist in the family!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Good for her!!! I know you are so proud.

ellen abbott said...

Go Evie! Well deserved.

Linda said...

That is an amazing number of ribbons. Even if she gives something away, have her photograph it for a portfolio. Congratulations to her.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! So proud of her!

Juli said...

Congrats Evie!! Now... didn't I hear that you had also entered something? :)

Unknown said...

*Kermit arm flail* Ahhhhh! Good for her!!!! Proud, proud, proud.

Wish I had her talent. :)


Celia said...

Beautiful work! Congratulations!

life in the mom lane said...

She is very talented!!!!

Caddie said...

Skipping about I read this one. You one proud mama, yes? The art is fantastic. Evie can go far!

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