Saturday, July 13, 2013

For The Low, Low Price of 180 Bucks. . .

. . .You too can have internet for a whole month.


Yes, that is what it cost us to have an internet connection out here in the sticks.

$6 a day.

Really Verizon? I mean. . .::sound of screaming::. . .180 dollars?

And it isn't as tho' it is a luxury as we first thought when we moved here. You know, a treat,  just to have to listen to music or blog.  We do so much on the internet including, but not limited to, finding a new home and all the mortgage paperwork.  We find homes faster than our realtor and although the mortgage paperwork is done, they seem to always want more.  So.  .  .

It is a necessity for now.

Unfortunately we can't bundle a package with Dish Network and get a less expensive connection [oh, and cable] because that requires a contract and we aren't going to be here that long.  And they won't allow us to transfer when we do move.

Mind you, I am not complaining. We are very fortunate that we can even get internet out here and we can afford it.

But $180 is almost double what the initial package of internet/cable/phone cost in our old home.

That amount is my household budget [groceries, cleaning products, etc.] for two weeks.  That is gas for Ozcarz for Steven to take him to work for 10 days.

I have promised myself that there are two things I absolutely refuse to have in our new home and the first is natural gas. That is an whole 'nother story, but Washington Gas is the only provider in this part of Virginia and the company is criminal. I won't deal with them.

And, of course, Verizon.  Even if they were the only game in town where we are moving to I will go without and just use the free wi fi at the coffee shop or the library.

Okay Tadpoles. Another Saturday has dawned bright and sunny cloudy and overcast and our agenda is full.

Thanks for lifting my spirits and keeping them high. I truly appreciate it.

Hope y'all have a great weekend and we'll see ya' on the flipside. xo Janine


colenic said...

that is an insane amount of money to spend on internet...have a fabulous saturday!!!

kristine barr said...

Aren't you kinda worried about our dependance on technology? I keep thinking about it, wondering what I would do if everything shut down. Of course, I worry about the expense too, but at this time I'm still able to pay for it.

Gypsy said...

When I cancelled my DirecTV service I missed it for a while but I'm getting used to it. I worked in the boonies (Lassen) for an entire summer with no cell phone or internet or electricity except what I could find when I drove 50 miles to resupply. I'd rather not do without internet, but I can get by, and knowing that is good. Verizon used to be so good but they are certainly going downhill. In September I will cut off my landline, and next June the MiFi internet connection goes. Hopefully I'll find something else that doesn't require a contract.

CWMartin said...

Geez, at least Comcast will help you move, and transfer you. What A-Holes! Verizon out here turned all their stuff except phone over to Frontier here, and frontier promptly forced its cable people to sign with either Dish or DirectTV, (neither of which I would have on a bet).

When they were hooking up our new "production assistant" system at work, we lost all connection for about 20 minutes. The lady from corporate told me what happened was the server failed, and I said, "Oh, we must have Frontier." She said "yes, and you are the second person that told me that!"

Unknown said...

Wow! $180 is a crazy lot of money, but if there's anything good about it, I'm glad it is enabling our friendship to continue.

Sherry W said...

Have you thought about a smart phone instead of a land based internet connection? I don't know your situation up there, but I pay $50/month for unlimited phone & texts + 500mb of data usage. I can access just about any website on my phone. I mean, if it's short-term (until you move), do you think that would be an option for you?

Jean said...

THAT is CRIMINAL! Holy Smokes! I think that's what I pay for phone, super cable and super duper internet.

Geez, even in Sarteneja you can get one of those USB plug in satellite doohickies for only $30 a month. (I'm not sure what the speed is or amount of data so...)

I'm glad you think we are worthy, but shucks!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Yipes! That's outrageous. Is dial-up an option for you? 12:34

Sally said...

That's really ridiculous, that are charging you that much money! Ugh! I don't pay that much money for my satellite and phone/internet combined! I'm sorry!

We boycott Comcast (cable) in this house, it's a long story, but I would have to really be under duress in order to go back to their services again

Celia said...

Oh my! That's a lot!

life in the mom lane said...

Look into seeing if you can make your smart phone (assuming you HAVE a smart phone) into a personal hotspot.... I recently did this and my plan only went up about $30 a month, but I can use my phone as a hotspot to get onto the Internet from anywhere I have coverage. (I use AT&T , Verizon probably has something similar) thereby we have Internet access when we are in the mountains at our cabin, where I am actually doing this as I type :)

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