Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seriously People?

Okay, this is just weird.


And notice I didn't say "Tadpoles". I said "People"

[so you are totally off the hook. ::giggle::

Here's the thing. . . .I was talking to a Tadpole today [like, on the phone and all that!] and she was lamenting that she would get 800 page views but no comments.

I felt bad, because her blog is so filled with love and well written.  She deserves the comments.

Hey, I only pick the best, right? ::grin:: I did try to explain to her that sometimes people come around, read and just don't comment.

Now, me?  I don't read my stats. I hardly know how many posts I have or page views or even where people come from.

I don't really care.

I know many of you do. And that is so cool.  I am sure it is a fun past time to see what's going on.

Oh, and I don't stalk. I hate that.  And I know some bloggers that will write "I know he/she was here. I saw on my blog counter."

Okay, EWWWW. No.  Don't do that. Stalker.

So, back to the conversation with Mish today.  I told her the only time I saw how many page views I had was when I published a new post.  You get the page that leads you to "View blog". And you can scan down and see. You guys know what I mean right? It's on the right hand side.  And I average....maybe 35 or 40 page views a day. And sometimes I get a half dozen comments. I might get 10 or 12.  It depends.

As much as your comments thrill me [they do!], I am not a numbers gal.  You guys know me and I just love that my friends come around to read this dribble.  And cheer me up and give me advice when I am failing in the whole mother/wife/life thing.

I love you Tadpoles.
Still. I don't count anything.


Wait for it. . .


Y'know the post I wrote about the "pre nup" - the whole "I can't have a swimming pool, but he should've asked for me to be musically uninclined?"

Tadpoles -  I got 354 page views on that.


You would have to add the entire month of "I Make Soap" June views together to get that many page views. 


And that?  That's just wrong. 

I know "Pre Nup" was in the title, but really? C'mon.

What is this world coming to?  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

And Mish?  I swear. It has always been 30 -45  page views.  I was as shocked as I know everyone is right now.

Hugs Tadpoles. 
It's not the greatest week right now for me. 
But I am trying.

Smile Loudly. Being alive is a gift. xo Janine


Gypsy said...

I read a lot of blogs but only comment on a few. Most are the ones who comment on my blog, but sometimes I read something I really like or have something to say about. I try to comment on all blogs I read but sometimes just can't. I don't think I've noticed a counter on my blog, but I use sitemeter which is an add-on and not part of the Google empire. Over 800 pages without a comment is really rare I would say, unless the writer has a lot of controls on comments, such as the two word verification thing, or no anonymous. I read your blog every time a new post comes up!

Sally said...

So, you know that I just had to go check my stats before I could comment :)

I don't often pay attention to them, but I occasionally take a peek. What I have noticed is when I link with a linky party, I get a lot of views and very few comments, and that really irks me. I try to make sure that if I am going to click on someone's link, that I leave some kind of nice comment, just because I'm nice that way.

Of course, I'm the sensitive sort and when I do see that so many people have visited and not commented, it kinda hurts my feelings.... which is sorta silly, or a lot silly. Especially since I know that I can always count on my cool regulars to come around and make wonderful comments that are way better than what those lurkers might leave anyway.

That is a lot of views... maybe we should all start using racy words more often :)

colenic said...

I am totally guilty of not commenting....there are a few that I comment on but not a lot (always yours wasn't always like that though...I read your last blog and I think only mad ea handful of comments...then you went away and I was sad, so when i found you again I started commenting...and thank goodness I did cause I have made an awesome friend). Any way...I hope your weekend is ya!!

Jean said...

I don't read the stats either but they are so bad now I'm lucky to get one view a day - and that's probably my own. I guess I should have kept the old blog. At least I could pretend people were looking. My greatest post there had a link to a music video on it. And my comment that I liked it a lot.


Take it where you can get it honey because if you got it, you got it, and I definitely do NOT! lol

CWMartin said...

Usually I don't get that many page views unless a spammer really likes a post for a target.

While I do do all those annoying things you mention, I don't get big headed about it. Cahmahn, ya got 64 followers and half of 'em don't even exist anymore!

ellen abbott said...

you have never failed at the mother/wife/life thing. really. you succeed against the worst odds.

I used to be more concerned with my stats but I got over it.

Celia said...

I don't read my stats either. I look at a lot of blogs that I don't comment on, so I am not too bothered if I don't get comments.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you should see what some of the google search terms people use to find my blog accidentally - not kidding: BIG FISH LIPS is in the top ten on a regular basis. When the hell have I ever made fish!

And I wish I could comment on every blog I read, but there just isn't enough time in the day - damn day job!

Hugs, and love! Biz

Tony Van Helsing said...

If you don't care about the numbers then I'm not going to comment on this. Oh shit, I just did.

Juli said...

My most viewed post was just a rambling post about sad things going on (1049), followed by Youngest's Guest Post (979), and then my wedding invitations (940).

None of them reflect my beat work (one of them isn't even my work at all) and surprisingly, my post on "how To Master The Caulk" got very few views. :)

I am like you though, I could care less how many page views I have, I'd rather have a comment.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I don't pay much attention to the stats, mainly because I think they're full of hooey. Not exactly reliable figures, I don't think. What is fun to look at every once in a while is what words people use in a search engine. I don't believe THEM either, but some of them are good for a laugh. I hope your week is getting better, kiddo. 12:34

Lyndylou said...

I don't pay much attention to the stats either but I have a thing on my page that says I have had over 50,000 page views which is pretty cool but probably only a third of them have actually read a whole page lol Truly there is some great writing out there and someone will find it eventually :) xxx

Julie said...

I used to read the stats. Don't now.
I like it if someone comments, but hey - just reading is ok!

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