Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Knew It Only Took Law and Order: SVU to Parent Your Child?

Evidently not I.

A bit of history if you will indulge me.
[Please do, otherwise you will be walking down a blind alley. hee]

Our little collegiate who wanted to venture to Oklahoma for an internship has now changed her mind and decided that perhaps an internship in Pennsylvania will be better. [And before anyone - NMM - accuses me of trying to change her mind, I did not. She realized OK was a bit far for even her.]

Soooo - University of Penn comes up and she informs us that she will be attending this internship and will be taking the Greyhound bus to get there and back.

Excuse me?  Did you say you were taking the Greyhound young lady?  ::finger in the ear wiggling::

Uh, no.

Tadpoles if you read that link or, well...if you have EVER been on a freakin' Greyhound bus you realize why we told her no. Nope. Uh-uh and pretty much absolutely not, over-my-dead-body-there-will-be-no-discussion-missy. End.of.story.

We told her we would happily drive her to Pennsylvania or buy her a ticket on a plane, but the bus was not an option.  Mom's been there, done that and nearly lost her t-shirt. NO.

She threw the "I am 18 years old and can do what I want card" at us.

Then her Noni [Grandmother] tossed in her two cents and those pennies hit the wall [and stuck] with a resounding "NO."

Still - Squirrel held fast and firm.

Until today.

Thank goodness she has a crush on this man:

Chrisopher Meloni
aka: Detective Elliot Stabler
Law & Order: SVU
Courtesy of the Busy Bee
As my daughter watches the show religiously she did so today and the 4:00 episode resulted in this phone call [and yes, since I am a fan too, I was watching it ]:

::ring ring::

Mom:  "Hello honey."
Mom:  ::laughing:: "Wait. What. Are you watching SVU because I just saw that scene too."

[Then the heavens parted, the angels sang and I thanked the gods of cable because she said:]

Squirrel:  "Yes Mom. OMG - the PEDOPHILE got on the bus after being released from prison and he sat with the little girl that was Wallene's age! MOM, MOM, MOM! MOMMMMMMMMM!"
Mom: [trying not to sound too happy] "Oh, okay.  We'll take you to Pennsylvania. No worries."
Squirrel: ::sigh of relief::  "Thanks Mom."

SVU = 1 Greyhound = 0

Thank you Detective Stabler.

[I am still giggling. YAY!]


Lisa said...

That is soooo funny! I am with you! NOOOOOOOOOOO BUS! EVER! Being a former truck driver? that was the mode of transportation to your terminal! It is filthy, icky, indiscriminate and scary! YAAAAY SVU!

Jeannie said...

You didn't have to remind her of the psycho that cut the guy's head off on the Greyhound bus here?

I'm glad you are driving her anyway.

that guy said...

the loser cruiser?
that is what we call the bus...

no offense skippy...

Jilda said...

when I was in college, I rode the bus from Ga to Al every couple of weeks, I knew to NEVER tell my parents what took place at the station and on the bus......I must have had an angel watching over me.
LOVED your comment on my blog last night.

not displayed said...

I dont know about the greyhound buses but public transpot can be scary. Much better to take Mum & Dad's offer

noexcuses said...

We tried the train once and after that, he got his own car! Excellent post! I also love Det. Stabler!!

BB said...

Priceless story. OMG, I can only imagine your joy!!! That show had to be on for a reason. Love it.

Teresa said...

i've never ridden the bus... is it really that bad? {just curious}

lol - glad the show turned her around.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

oh hells bells, you make me laugh. Yes, sometimes reason and reruns do magick...tee hee. Yay for you and Pooldad...I know he will drive anywhere for the kids. Poor Squirrel, you know you are only allowed just a certain amount of attitude flexing. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Rebecca said...

omg to funny and here they say TV is bad for children. i think not the lesson learned here is never take the greyhound bus ever.

LBB said...

How FUNNY! So glad she saw that show!! I've never been on that bus & don't want to! Yay for TV making her finally see you were right :)

Lyndylou said...

I don't know anything about the greyhound bus but I definitely wouldn't let Holly go on the bus on her own here!

TV is just great! lol

RVVagabond said...

Kudos to the Squirrel for making a sensible decision about the internship (lips are zipped). I had to laugh that she pulled the independence card since I think she was trying to save you a long ride, but the Greyhound? Yeah, not a good choice these days.

Yay for happy endings.

Phelan said...

I went from Wichita Kansas to Daytona Beach Forida on a grey hound bus with Large, who was 2 at the time. When we stopped in Dallas for "lay over" or whatever they call it with buses. The mae bus driver would not allow me to get off the bus to stretch my legs. He even had us move into the handicap seat behind him. It was a 2 hour wait. When we got to New Orleans, he let me get out, but he hovered close by. He said it was too dangerous for me and my boy.

Nothing odd happened on the bus trip. But I do understand the caution with them and any young female traveling alone. Most the stops are in very bad areas in large cities.

Celia said...

Did you do a happy dance, because you won that one.

Southhamsdarling said...

Result!! Thank heavens for Detective Stabler. You could have gone on and one til you were blue in the face, and she still wouldn't have really believed you! I can sense your relief from here Skippy! I'm glad she's decided not to go to Oklahoma though!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Skippy! I took a greyhound bus, once and only once - for some reason there were not enough seats, so from Iowa State to Southern Illinois University, I sat . . . on the steps next to the bus driver - and I was 18 at the time - ha!

Dmarie said...

I'm glad you are able to drive her. If I had to, I would take a Greyhound, but I wouldn't want my daughter to!

Anonymous said...

It was so funny but not as funny as d pic whr Spot was riding a greyhound!

life in the mom lane said...

The engaged one took the greyhound 2x(one round trip) to come home from college during her brief stint there- it was only a 2 hr. trip so there were no stops. I made sure I was there WAYYYYYYY in advance for pick up.
Nothing happened but looking back if I had it to do "over" I think I would've found a way to drive her.

katsidhe said...

Hello Fellow Irresistable One~ ^_^

That was completely evil to dance with joy over the show scaring your daughter away from the bus,

I like you already.~ ;-)

mrgee said...

Oh man... I'm late to the party but came across this today and thought of you:

Enjoy and be extra happy that Squirrel opted out of the Greyhound!

Anonymous said...

It's funny SVU is the only Law and Order that I'll watch.