Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Have a Wombat In My Mailbox

How many people can say that?  I mean, how many non Australians can say that?

I can!
Meet Wilma the Wombat
Don't be scared little buddy.
 Come here.
Isn't she cute?
She traveled all the way from Australia to come live in America.
Welcome to your new home Wilma.
We are so glad you are here.
She is a surprise gift from Mynx over at Dribble.  Such a sweetheart - she knows my affinity for the little guys and sent one along to make me smile and laugh. 

It worked Mynxie - thank you so much.  She is sitting right here trying to get the hang of my American ways and snuffling through my Altoids.

Tune into tomorrow to find out why I may be going to jail for a package I sent across the ocean.   


BB said...

Do Bruce and I have to come bail you out of jail now? What did you do?

What a cute little critter. That Mynx is a sweetie.

Teresa said...

what a cutie! that is adorable and so sweet of mynx!

now... can't wait to hear what you did. do we need to raise some bail funds for ya? lol

Unknown said...

Just let any of us know and we will spring you in a snap. Just how bad were you girl??

not displayed said...

Dont ask me, I have no idea why Skippy might be going to jail.
Is Wilma climbing trees? Wombats dont usually. lol

Khadra said...

too cute!
Cant wait for the story to come :)

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Hey he looks like a wombat...did you know you have a wombat in your mailbox....oh yeah huh.

ellen abbott said...

no wombat in my mailbox but I did have a possum in my water barrel.

Jeannie said...

How cute!

Are you smuggling drugs again?

Lyndylou said...

awww really cute! You in jail, this I got to hear! lol

Rebecca said...

oh my how cute is he to adorable

Southhamsdarling said...

How cute is that little wombat, and how sweet of Mynx to send him to you like that. I know that he has gone to a very loving family! I will now spend the next 24 hours trying to think what you've done that you might end up in jail!!! You haven't been stealing sweaters again, have you - JOKE!!! x

Yum Yucky said...

For like 2.5 seconds, you had me thinking that Wilma is real..even after I saw her picture. Had to do a triple take to be sure. And yes, my conclusion is that Wilma the Wombat is indeed real. Care for her well and stock up the food closet. I hear there get real greedy.