Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vacation Starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.......

4 Hours!


Well, for Pooldad.
I am on a perpetual vacation. heehee

We didn't get a vacation last summer because Pooldad took off so much time when I was in the hospital he didn't think it was fair to his co workers to take off more time to "just relax".  Yep, he is a good guy like that - so he ended up with a week that he had to take before the end of March of this year. [Their vacation/sick leave schedule runs April to April.]

How fortuitous as Squirrel has next week off from college and we are picking her up tomorrow [squeeeee!] and I will spend Saturday relaxing [recovering] from that trip because Sunday we are off to:

Myrtle Beach, SC

YAY!  Sort of.  It is a little bitter sweet because we are going down to help LA! finish with my Mom's estate and see Mom's home one more time.  Okay - that will be a little hard, but....but!

Here are the bonuses to the trip:
  • 11 days with my husband [11 days?  That thud you heard was me fainting from my good fortune. hee]
  • Squirrel is with us for 11 days!
  • Wallene will be off a whole week from school with us
  • It has to be warmer in SC - it just has to be - it better be
  • I get to see my sister - for days! [She does have to work - boo! - but nights are good.]
  • I get to meet Bouncin' Barb and her boyfriend Bruce and deliver Champagne. YAY!
It's the awesomeness!  Isn't it?

We have a couple of logistical problems to work out - like how to move all the furniture back to VA and where to put the bazillion boxes my sister just told me we have to bring back [can the dogs ride on the roof?] and the trip is the longest one I have taken in years, so I am a little worried how I am going to hold up, but...

I'll figure it out - it's all good. :)

[Oh, I just realized I have to pack. Yuck.  I'll do that Saturday.]

Have a great one Tadpoles.  Make it the best day you can!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for vacations! I know it will be tiring for you, but you'll have a great time.

I've used up vacation time for the last few years for my husband - but I figure we'll just have a staycation!

Can't wait for the recap! I was in Hilton Head last June - hope the weather cooperates!

Southhamsdarling said...

That all sound wonderful, Skippy! Try to rest as much as you can (if you are able, of course) before all these trips, but won't it be wonderful for you to all be together, and to meet BB & Bruce. How cool is that?! As I said before, please take lots of photos for the Blogs!! Keep well dear friend and have a lovely time.

Rudee said...

Have a great time!

BB said...

Can't wait...regardless of the weather. We'll build a bonfire if we have to.

Teresa said...

how awesome is that! give barb a big ole hug for me! relax... take it one bite at a time. i expect to see lots of pictures!

life in the mom lane said...

Yay!!! sounds great!!!! take a comfy pillow for in the car to help you get comfortable- if you a re a good sleeper in the car that's all you'll need! Have a wonderful time! :D

Jeannie said...

Yay for you! I'm betting U-haul have a trailer you can rent at one place and drop off at another. phone them.

Have a wonderful time. Take it easy tho. Be the boss instead of the doer. Right?

Rebecca said...

have a safe trip this way and hope all goes well

Lyndylou said...

have a lovely time and look forward to hearing all about it X

Greenmare said...

ooo yay fun! and not fun, but mostly FUN!! get your rest!!

caterpillar said...

That's amazing....have loads of fun...and to get to spend all that time with you sister....nice!

that guy said...

that is sweet!

you will have so much fun!

i am jealous (just a bit) that you get to hang with my sis and her bruce, but moreso i am HAPPY FOR YOU!

have a great time!

Miss K said...

Have fun!!!!

Travelin' Mike said...

Have a great time with the Family!!

LBB said...

So happy for you!! You deserve a nice vacation. Have fun!!

Jennifer said...

HAVE FUN!!!! I'm jealous! :)
I'll be thinking of ya...and being jealous!
Oh, and your license pic is actually great! Hope they don't lock you up, but if they do I'll come visit ya. Better yet, I'll mail you some milk and cookies and then maybe we could share a cell! lol :)

colenic said...

Have an awesome time...I am super jealous that you get to hang out with will be well deserved after what i am sure will be an emotional time...hugs to safely and enjoy yourself...hugs to all of you for safe travels...give Barb a hug for me?? love ya!