Saturday, March 12, 2011

Could You Be More Arbitrary?

Things that struck my fancy this past week:

  • We were issued flood warnings a week ago - one for 8:21 pm the next evening and then it was updated to 8:24 pm an hour later.  Does 3 minutes really make a difference?  And is anyone really sure the floods aren't going to hit at 8:30 pm? Or perhaps 8:34?  Where do they get the numbers?
  • The toilet paper that we bought this week happily announces [on it's wrapper] that is has a whole 193 sheets per roll.  Where did that number come from and why do I feel the need to actually count them? heehee
Random comment from Pooldad :  "Did you know that "Inside the NFL" is the longest running cable show?"
That's nice honey. Okay.

And in another installment of "Boys and Their Toys" - Pooldad has a new leaf blower.  Although we have a band festival to be to in an hour my cutie is outside blowing the heck out of our driveway and miniscule flower beds.  There is nothing to blow dude.  Get in here and take a shower.

Finally - Who decided the show "Teen Moms" was a good idea?  I almost don't miss not having cable.

Have a great Saturday Tadpoles.


Southhamsdarling said...

Now I can just see you sat there counting the sheets of toilet paper! Hee hee! It does seem rather a strange amount. Why not make it the round 200?! My husband also has a leaf blower which, strangely enough, he was using just a moment ago, because we have a load of old dry leaves behind the garage, and he's out there tidying it all up. Enjoy your weekend Skippy!

LBB said...

LOL! I know...who decides the number for the TP? Must be an awesome job :)

Phelan said...

To answer you first question. Yes I can.

Rudee said...

Perhaps your flood times had to do with high tide, but I'm not sure why they'd change the times, since high/low tides are published. Other than that, I've not a clue.

And yes, I can be pretty arbitrary, or at least my husband thinks so. What's the problem? I think he's perplexed that I did not come with published rules and so they vary at my whim.

Jeannie said...

Hey - a new toy is a new toy!

The time to expect a flood IS rather an unusual claim. We think we might have a flood. If we do, it'll be at 8:23 or not at all. Really? Kinda stupid. I suppose they run their models and it spews out a time. This is one reason why I prefer analog watches over digital - most of the time, we don't require that much precision.

The toilet paper sheets are kinda funny. I'm sure they have an overall length or diameter target and size of sheets determines the number - it's a marketing ploy - the next brand has only 80 sheets but the sheets could be bigger so it's a little meaningless unless you count yourself out exactly 4 sheets to use each time, which, with all the OCD out there, there are probably thousands who do just that.
Interesting post and I probably got into it way too much.

Anonymous said...

LOL, laughing about the random comment from Pooldad. That's just about what I'd say, uh huh, that's nice honey.

Sandra said...

a new leaf blower!!! You'll never see the guy!
As for the randomness, ya, what's up with that? I vote all toilet paper rolls should have at least 195 pieces! When I rule the world, I will make it mandatory. I bet you're relieved, right?

Teresa said...

LOL - i wonder how much the TP sheet counter gets paid? wonder if they have random quality checks and someone has to count the sheets on a roll?

new leaf blower, eh? sounds like loads of man-fun.

i've been missing you.

Anonymous said...

Many, many years ago, my dad was a supply officer with the local Civil Defence group. There was some kind of disagreement about toilet paper pricing and value for money. Dad sat and counted the number of sheets in the different brands.

He won his argument! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper can be just weird sometimes. And that is just men, they never grow up their toys just get bigger.

christopher said...

Yay for leaf blowers! Maybe I'll get one in the Spring. :)

Also, Teen Moms makes me sad.