Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please...Give Me Sumthin' and You Win a Prize!

This is a pretty basket, right?
It is one of those Longabergers I was talking about the other day.
It has both the plastic and cloth liners inside the basket.
This baby rocks!
 Yeah. But, has TEN sections....
And I ask myself....
What to do, what to do?

It is about 1.5 ft x 1 ft.
[Read: HUGE in the "Storage Land of Life"]
Each section holds about 3 cups of sumthin'.

And it is the sumthin' I am having a problem with because this is the one basket I am not selling or gifting - but I want to DO sumthin' with it.

There's a theme here gang. 
Try to deal with it.
 Or, please, just tolerate me. 
Either works. 

Do I serve food in it? Do I store stuff in it?  What?

Ideas would be good.
Great even.

So ... Tadpoles - I need your best idea of what to do with this dang thing.

Please comment with what you think would be the greatest purpose of this useless wonderful heirloom piece.

The person with the suggestion that works the best for us will win their own Longaberger basket from my stash.

This isn't a comment and random pick entry - you have to be creative and come up with SUMTHIN'. Bonus points if you make us laugh. :)

Knock my socks off Tadpoles.
I need the ingenuity that y'all give me everyday - you can solve this.

*One suggestion per person.


SkippyMom said...

Tess - you don't have a blog so I couldn't contact you. Can you please resubmit one idea so you can be in the running.

Sorry - I should've made it clear that it was only one idea per blogger. You had so many great ideas, but I have to make it fair.


Anonymous said...

u can make it a part of ur dressing table. i mean keeping ur earings, beaded jewelery, chunky rings in different compartments. n den deres nail poslish, lipsticks glosses or lipbalm, hairpins, for the other compartments. u can add some silk flowers or maybe a few colored cotton balls to make it look prettier!

Southhamsdarling said...

Knowing how your family like their food, I would definitely use it for nibbles whilst you all sit down to watch the Superbowl!

not displayed said...

Ten spots hmmm.
Paper clips, drawing pins, stapler.
rubber bands, spare sewing thread & needles,
unusual buttons,wombats,altoids,
jellybeans, odd socks.

I see you found your "?" too.

BB said...

Easter...different colored jellybeans separated. Since you are able to sit for long periods you can do the manual labor.

Halloween...different kinds of candies. and green alternative kisses and m&m's

Valentines Day...kisses, candy hearts, m&m's, etc.

Rest of the year, fill it with colored marbles and stick fake plants in each. Or just do this all year.

And this is before coffee kicks in. Imagine the possibilities!!!

Jennifer said...

Okay, here's the truth...I've been trying to think of something really unique and wonderful to do with that thing and I can't come up with any good ideas - other than the obvious, which would be filling the middle sections with dips and the surrounding sections with various crackers and chips (or veggies) for your eating enjoyment. I do like nabo's and Mynx's ideas, but can't really think of anything else. I hope you find a wonderful and creative use for it! Do you have any idea what it was used for in the past? Just wondering. I'll be back later to see the other ideas :)

Rebecca said...

i have two great ideas for it but as i can only share one i'll go with my first thought i personally would put it on my coffee table and fill it with different color stones just because my son likes them.

colenic said...

Taco night...lettuce tomatoes, a couple of kinds of cheese, sour cream, salsa in the middle, beans if you like it...I LOVE that sister in law used to sell them and this was the one that I always thought that I should buy but I never did cause I couldn't justify the expense....

RVVagabond said...

Okay, my idea isn't a funny, knock your sox off idea but my first thought was herb garden.

word vert: couggro. You couggro a variety of herbs from seed in this monster basket.

qandlequeen said...

I would rip out the plastic insert and use the basket to hold magazines or something.

Jeannie said...

Hmmm. It doesn't have a lid? The centre round areas could hold glasses or cans or bottles. You could fill the sections mirror-like so you have a picnic or snacks for 2 people - to go! Road trip meal made easy. Or lunch in front of the tv to watch a movie. Lunch in the park.
Sandwich thirds in a section each, chips, fruit, veggies, salad - your famous chicken! You would have to plastic wrap the top I suppose but you wouldn't need plates or set it up or anything. Just plop yourselves down and enjoy!

that guy said...

tucker says!

i do not need a basket but you can put all kinds of crunchity food stuffity in it and have a party!

nom nom!

Teresa said...

If it were me, I'd have it on my scrapbook table and I'd put various embellishments in the sections. Buttons, jewels, clips, little jars of glitter, etc.

but, since it's not me (and my first thoughts are already taken), I think you should put it in your kitchen and keep odds and ends in it. Buttons, jewels, clips, etc.

Serious suggestion: put planting stuff in the sections and grow your own herbs in each compartment.

Sally said...

I didn't read through any of the other comments yet, but if it were me, I would buy a bunch of little plants and make a cute planter out of it. Of course, I realize that a Longaberger basket/liner is a rather expensive planter...

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Well Skippidty doo rah day. Were I you, I would put all my eggs in that one basket...oh no that's not an idea...that's what I did in life. Okay, since you folks cook alot and all, how about you keep it handy and out on the counter as a holder for 10 of your most used and favorite spices. That way Wallene can have them handy. TOB

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