Sunday, February 27, 2011

She's Not Anonymous


Yes.  For realz.  Our dog's name is Spot.  

Unlike Pooldad, Skippy, Squirrel, Wallene, Dee, JR and Tee - our dogs are not anonymous.

I am pretty sure you Tadpoles get that.

Sometimes people in our real life don't understand that "Yes, our dachshund is named Spot."  It doesn't bother us, but people simply don't believe us when we tell them.

Sorry for our lack of originality folks, but she is what she is.

Case in point:

Yesterday in the pet store Pooldad was checking out.  He had filled out a store card and had to list the pups' names.  While entering the information into the computer the cashier looked up at Pooldad and asked "You have a dog named Spot?"  When my husband responded that yes, we did - the cashier looked skeptical and said "Really?"  Yes. The dog's name is Spot.

We get this all the time.

My favorite story tho' is the older gentleman we met while camping.  He had dachshunds too and asked what her name was.  When we responded "Spot" he shook his head and then asked which one of the group of us had named the dog.  When I raised my hand he smiled, laughed and said,

"You know ma'am that your family is NEVER going to let you name another family pet, right?"

Pretty much.

The dog is a piebald, dapple. She has spots, hence her name.  She actually has the outline of the state of Alaska on her head.  No kidding.  

I think maybe I should have named her "Juneau".

Although considering her German ancestry and her antics over the years I probably should've considered "Hitler Youth" [or as Pooldad calls her sometimes "Eva Braun".]

How well do you think that would've gone over?


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

well I think Spot is a much nicer name than Eva Braun. Heck you could have named her Weiner the Frankfurter like our friends did their dog. Or the lady across the street who named her poodles Puddle and Damnit. Or your friend who named a cat Spazzy Dimples and the sister cat was Abnormal. It could be worse.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Our dachshund is named Oscar. How is that for lack of originality? He was already named when we got him. I would have named him George ...... we had Louise, then. Our big old St. Bernard, we called her Weezy and I thought the new little guy could complete the scenario as George Jefferson. But, alas, he was already accustomed to his name. When we aquired his little wife dog we named her Emmy so that he became an award instead of a hotdog and they had a litter of three little girls I jokingly called them Toni, Academy and Grammy. They all went on to live with others and I am pretty certain their names were changed.

Sandra said...

I think you should have kept her anonymous and for the sake of the blog, named her Stripe.

Southhamsdarling said...

What's wrong with the name Spot?! I love it, and, as you say, she's got spots, so what else would you call her - "Stripey!" LOL! I love that cute little photo of her - is that one of your famous sweaters that she's wearing?! I thought it might have shrunk in the wash. LOL!

Jeannie said...

Whatever works. I tried a number of names out on Dex when we got him. Dexter is what he chose.

It sounds hokey, but we used to have a business in malls that would give the meaning of a name and a description of the person with it. All of us suited our names the way they were spelled. Put in a different spelling and they'd be wrong. This seemed to hold true for everyone who ordered a name. It was eerie. And no, the descriptions were not all hearts and flowers. Bad tempers and little patience also slipped in. One day, a man wants to get his friend the printout. The name might have been Charles or something with a lot of possible diminutives. None of them suited and I was about to give up when I asked the man what he actually called his friend and he answered "Buddy". Apparently everyone did. We checked out Buddy - and that suited him. Much as I know the program had to have been a hoax, it was still pretty crazy how accurate it was.

Anonymous said...

she looks so cute in d pic, hw can someone nt name her spot! i had a pup and i named it pigloo, so wen he grew up to his full size, ppl wud get shocked dat d ferocious full grown indian pariah ws named so stupidly. bt he was my baby n i cudnt hav named him anything else at all :)

Rudee said...

I named my last dobie, Duke. Thoroughly unoriginal. Our two dachsies were named Heidi and Dagmar. My dad named them.

Spots a good name for a dog.

that guy said...

somehow i do not think i would have had a problem with eva or HY...

but i am not quite right anyway.

Tucker is now asking for a sweater like Spot has...


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not displayed said...

Hope mum has a matching sweater, that would be gorgeous.
We had a mixed breed once we called "Splodge"
Think Spot is a better name

There once was wombat on tv called 'Fatso"

Teresa said...

cute name. we had a dog once named muttley. he was one of our best dogs. and a stray... my mom would always say not to feed that da** mutt... he stayed, and so did the name.

life in the mom lane said...

We had two dachshunds when I was a kid-
Katrina (appropriate German sounding name)


Herbie (yes I named him- Herbie the Love Bug had just come out & I liked the name *shrug*)

Lyndylou said...

I had a puppy once and I called her Hoggle cos she reminded me of the little goblin outta the film Labyrinth. My husband was like 'no way am I calling that dog by that name' but within a few weeks he was. Hee hee hee. It really suited her cos she walked funny, just like the goblin :)

BB said...

I think Spot is so adorable. Both the name and that friggen' picture. OMG.

Anonymous said...

I relaly don't see the big whoopdedoo on the dog's name. Spot is a good dog name, now if it was one of your children, then I would understand!

Although juneau would have been an awesome name for Spot haha. I wanna see this Alaska outline!

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Vicki said...

I think it's an excellent name for her...=) I have 3 dachsies myself--Maxwell Zuka--the Zuka is because he likes zucchini

Simone Sinclair--she came with that name

Brandon Brown King--because he's my brown baby.

So you name them for different reasons and as long as they're loved that's all that matters...

I love her sweater, by the way. =)

Yum Yucky said...

I can't get past the pic. I can't freaking get past the pic. I have no idea what this post is about. I can't get past the pic. LOL!