Saturday, February 26, 2011

OK is Not OK With Me

I have nothing against Oklahoma, per se.
I am sure it is a nice state and I understand that the folks there are really friendly.
I have never visited but from what I can see it is a pretty nice place to live/vacation/dodge tornadoes.

The problem I am having with Oklahoma at this juncture in my life is the fact that it is 1,372 miles from our home.

I have a hard enough time with 120 miles [remind me again how many times I have visited our freshman at college] can you imagine how I feel about an additional 1,252 miles? For 8 weeks?


Seems "Biology Major Extraordinaire" [aka Squirrel] has applied for a paid internship in OKLAHOMA!

What? They don't DO Biology in Virginia, Maryland or DC?  You know, sweetie, those places close to home where I can see you for longer than 3 hours a few times a semester?

I know, I's what she wants and she is all excited and I should want my child's happiness. I do. I do want her to be happy - and yes, I know - I need to let go.

I am trying.

But is is THIRTEEN HUNDRED freaking MILES from home.  With tornadoes. And strangers. And cows.  Right?  I am sure there are truckloads of cows in Oklahoma.

What to do, what to do?

Donations of frequent flyer miles would be greatly appreciated.*

[*I would sooner ride a cow then get on a plane.]


Southhamsdarling said...

Oh Skippy, Skippy! thirteen hundred miles from home is NOT good, is it? Yes, of course, we have to let our children fly and do whatever it takes to be happy, but it doesn't alter the way we feel, does it? Try to be strong. I know how I felt when my eldest daughter announced that she and her husband would be moving to Paris seven years ago, when my little granddaughter was only 6, and I was used to seeing them at least twice a week and had looked after the little one since she was seven months old! Is this a definite, or is there still a possibility that she might get somewhere even a tad closer?? Sending you big (((hugs))) dear friend, and empathising with how you feel x

Lyndylou said...

OMG! I totally feel your pain, I would absolutely hate that. Unfortunately you have done such a good job of bringing her up that she feels confident enough to spread her wings. You are going to have to learn to do it too my friend and just think about how it exciting it will be for you both (((hugs))) my friend

Khadra said...

OMG OMG OMG I know what you will do in OKLAHOMA!!! You will have lunch with me!!! Which city is she going to? Dodging tornadoes is about all there is to do in most of Ok lol!

I feel your pain in the travelling...We do 1200 miles back and forth to Canada from here. Havent done it in years though. It's a long journey.

ellen abbott said...

Is this a summer gig cause didn't she just start college?

hed said...

I think it's great and wonderful that she is so smart and I'll bet that TONS of companies will want her!

But...Oklahoma? That's almost as bad as Kansas! (aka the middle of nowhere) (PS No offense to your lovely OK and KS readers!)


that guy said...

i kinda wish my son would move far away. he is a homebody like his mom.

but i love road trips.

and he will not get much in the way of job offers that apply his degree near home...

well, mebbe he would, if he started looking.

Mylibean, i want her to stay closer, but i know she will want to go afar. she is so much like me it is scarey..

Kathy's Klothesline said...

She will always come home to you!!!

Jeannie said...

Two of my kids have been far away - one all the way in Whistler BC where I envied her every day and my son in Thunder Bay which I hoped never to have to visit.

We did instant messaging and phone calls and now there is Skype! You will survive even if you don't like it. Alas, you are probably a better Mom than me and you may be inclined to worry. For me? Out of sight, out of mind, sort of. I am extremely good at believing they are just at a friend's or something like that. They need to experience things and follow dreams and that means they also get to go with blessings, not guilt. Rejoice that she is brave and excited about something good! She is not off to the Big Apple or Hollywood to chase a pipe dream and end up a hooker. Live vicariously through her! This is wonderful for her!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

hey, Oklahoma is not in the middle of nowhere. It is real close to me. that's my first point. Second point is "yeah but you want her to be independent and strong and little bursts of that are good. Third, hell Skip they all have rubber bands on them and come back. Sorta like sticky snot, sometimes ya can't get rid of them. Nufff said. TOB

Anonymous said...

It's only 8 weeks. She'll be back home before you know it and it is a good opportunity for her to expand and grow and be on her own!

The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

Rebecca said...

wow that's a long way off as a mom i feel for you. hope things work out you could always try locking her in her dorm i know not a good thought but hey a mom's got do what she can. hugs

Phelan said...

I will be happy to meet up with you in OK. I am 2 hours from the border you know. And I will bring a cow for you to ride.

Shauna said...

I do not like Oklahoma, either. I HAVE been there and I still don't like it. Oh, the scenery is beautiful...the people, however, are a little, well... I spent a month there last June...I was so very happy to go home!

That being said, I can't imagine a kid flying the coop since mine died 13 years ago at the age of 1 yr. So my understanding isn't quite what it could be. I must say, though, be grateful that you have a beautiful child who can leave home but can also return home and call when she's away. Just sayin'! :D

Anonymous said...

My step-son lives in Austin, Texas so we have only seen him ONCE since last July!

But, we do video chats pretty often - he likes to show us tricks his cat can do!

It's not the real deal, but it helps! And its free! I think its through Google, but I'll have to ask my hubs.

Hang in there!

pooldad said...

Gee Honey,

We could learn how to rustle grub and such.

Plus, how many cowboys YOU know named Strun?

Yippee Ki Yay!

Lisa said...

Oooh Skippy Mom! I have been to Oklahoma a million times and it is a wonderful place! I am with you about not traveling anymore, I would rather be at home too...I feel for you!

life in the mom lane said...

ok... everyone gave you lots of nice comments... said how it's great she is so mature yadda yadda yadda...

bottom line... this sucks for you!

is she too old to say no and lock her in her room all summer? :D

Teresa said...

hey - i'm not very far away from OK at all. I could see a road trip in my future if you managed to FLY out there. woo-hoo! that would be fun!