Sunday, February 6, 2011


I discovered one of my favorite songs was actually made better.  Check this out:

Can you imagine if John Lennon was alive to see this?




Southhamsdarling said...

Amazing and very touching. I love that song!

Rebecca said...

i love Glee and i love watchingthem remake some of my favorite songs this wa beautiful

that guy said...

you nearly lost me at glee.

cuz i am not a fan of that show, but....

but you have proven to be a person of great charater (smiles, winks, and gives tumbs up! cuz skippy is totes awesomes and all)

so i was pleasantly surprised that it was not what i expected.

so cheers to you and great post!

not displayed said...

Stunning. I love Glee and I love the way they respect the music they use.
Left me a little choked up

Unknown said...

Awesome is an understatement. Thanks.

Lyndylou said...

I love glee and I love this song!

Anonymous said...

That gave me goosebumps!

wayne said...

Same here, Glee, not so much.
But that was amazing, as a lifelong John Lennon fan, I think he would be pleased.

That was amazing.