Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Not What You Think

Thisisme tagged me for "5 Things You Couldn't Leave the House Without."  A very nice gesture and it had me thinking.

What exactly do I have to have to leave the house?  Since I can count on one hand how many times I have been out of the house in a month I realized that I don't need much, but what I do take makes up the sum of my infrequent trips.

There are four things that come with me when I step outside my front door:

1.  Pooldad.  He is like my American Express card***. I never leave home without him. I have done it once in two plus years, and I don't want to do it again. It sounds silly, but I don't like leaving without him. I hold on to him and feel like I can do anything.
2.  My cane.  Sometimes I feel kicky and don't need it, but, more often then not, I wear down and it is a comfort to me.  And it is shiny blue. What more can you ask for in an accessory. :)
3.  Hope.  I always hope that I am going to make it through the trip, errand ...whatever it is that we are trying to do that day.  I hope that I don't let my family down and don't fail.
4.  Happiness.  I am so happy when I have the strength and ability to get outside and go somewhere. It can be as simple as the grocery store or even the car wash with my husband.  Then it can be a "big" trip - like to JMU, to see Squirrel - but the fact that I get to see something other than these four walls or this computer screen makes me so happy.

I don't have a fifth because I don't carry cash, I don't need to lock the door or drive and a purse would be in my way. Also, a cellphone is not something I have to have.  It is just a nicety and Pooldad always carries his.

Wallene could be considered my fifth pick, but she isn't a necessity so much as an awesome bonus!

Now to pass this on to five other Tadpoles:

Restaurant Manager - because I know your pockets are filled. :)
Amy at Raising Redheads - a great Mom of two little guys - what's in your purse? I remember those days.
Mynx at Dribble - because the woman is BUSY! Do tell Mynx
Barb at Life in the Mom Lane - because she is Duke Mom #1 and I bet there is some purple and gold in there somewhere ::wink::
Roundabout - the thriftiest and most talented crafter - I bet she has some interesting stuff!

Hope you all are having a fantastic Saturday.  It's going to be a great day. Can't you feel it?  I can.

***reference to an old American Express commercial. I don't carry credit cards. hee


Jeannie said...

I tend always to have shoes. And clothes. I've never ever left without clothes.

Southhamsdarling said...

Jeannie - LOL!!

Skippy - that was a very good list if I may say so, especially Pooldad. That is so lovely that he is so very special to you. I can always feel the love just emanating (wow! How about that for a word?!) from your Blog. That shiny blue cane sounds pretty trendy to me, and and I love the Hope and Happiness comments as well. Sending big (((hugs)) from across the pond to you and your adorable family!

ellen abbott said...

well, I have four essentials but they are a bit more mundane. wallet, keys, phone and glasses. I check for those four things right before I close the door. I guess if I'm going to the store number 5 would be my own bags.

Amy said...

Too bad I just switched purses. My last one was so messy inside. I didn't even want to clean it. I just switched purses. It is still hanging on my banister waiting to be cleaned.

Rebecca said...

haha i love the one about pooldad being your american express to cute great list and congrats on being tagged makes me want to go "tag your it" like a kid

Anonymous said...

I can't even count the number of times that I leave home. I'm at school and in the next city over so much that I'm only home to eat a meal, shower and sleep. And the occasional blog and homework.

The things that I don't leave the home without are my keys, wallet, jacket, chaptstick, and maybe a book.

BB said...

What a great list. I knew there wouldn't be 'material' things here except you threw the cane in and I didn't think about that. Fun. I'll post my list later.

Biz said...

I am glad that Wallene made the list! :D

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

life in the mom lane said...

need to think about my must haves :)

Anonymous said...

Cute post, Skippy. I think it is so great that your family is so important to you - some people aren't as enthusiatic about their families, unfortunately, but I can feel the love here. Thanks for all your support on my blog xox.

LBB said...

Your list is so thoughtful! I can't compete with yours :) But I'll be sure post my contents tomorrow!

not displayed said...

Wonderful list. Good thing you always have a handsome man on your arm.