Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Understand the Point, But....

....I hate the Census.

Does everyone have their lovely little copy of who lives where?
Need funding for the infrastructure now, don't we?

I barely write this in the interest of being a good American....

I let my 12 year old fill ours out.

Hey! It worked.

The only thing she had to confirm was our race.

Child? There is a mirror 20 feet from you. I am pretty sure you can make an educated guess.


Phelan said...

We just got ours, the short form. I really don't want to fill out more than how many our in our household. The letter does say that they can not use this form against us in court. hmmm. . . I'm a mixed race, most the time they don't allow me to put that down, informing me I am to place what race I identify with more. And I wonder if it would really matter if I put down that I am Blackfoot. My family left the reservation years ago, and we no longer have claim to any fed benefits. But if I do put down that I am Blackfoot, do I put down the two Native tribes my husband is, and 3 for my children? Eve though they are below the federal guidelines that allow you to claim such things.

I am honestly thinking about checking the other box and writing in American.

Ignore me, I am very sick, and wondering around the blogoshpere coughing on everyone. :D

Kathy's Klothesline said...

What happens if you don't fill it out? Will the Census Police get you?

qandlequeen said...

As a genealogy junkie, I thank you. Those pain in the ass forms are a godsend for those of us trying to figure out which John Brown Jr. belongs to which John Brown Sr. Well, actually they add to the mess, but census records are the lifeblood of trying to track my family history. One day I'll find out exactly which tribe my grandmother descended from. Right now it's only guesses.

Do your descendants a favor and fill out your census.

Teresa said...

I filled ours out - but had a heck of a time with #5 and #6. If "Hispanic origin" is not considered a race for census taking purposes, what was I supposed to put for Isaiah in #6? The options were everything except Hispanic origin. So, I created my own... Caucasian (from us), Native American Indian (from us), Aztec Indian (from his father), and Mexican (from his father). Hope it flies.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I'm just the opposite. I love filling out forms. Weird.

The race thing is antiquated, though, isn't it? With all the mixed races, there should be just a write-in spot or "all of the above" option, if they really want to know what race we are.

RVVagabond said...

We won't be getting a Census form. Why? Because the government won't send one out to PMB (personal mail box) addresses, which is what our mail forwarding service is. Even though it's a huge camping organization with hundreds of physical campsites on a real street with a real address. Thousands of full time RVers are in the same plight and won't get recognized in their official state of residence, unless we travel back to said state to fill out a form. Not happening. If a census worker happens to catch up to us in whatever campground we're staying in at the moment (and we agree to talk to them) then we'll be counted as residents of that particular state. Your government at work.