Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday My Baby

Our offspring situation is, at best, confusing. To try to explain one more time I will use me as the parent and name them off - hopefully it will make sense. I brought two children to my marriage to Pooldad - Jr and Squirrel. I inherited [happily] two lovely step children - Dee and Tee. Together Pooldad and I had a child - Wallene. So that is five children who are now in their 21st, 20th, 19th, 18th and 13th year.

The little beauty in the pic' above is my sixth child. She is actually the first child I ever gave birth to and it was 22 years ago on March 4th. Her name is Natalie Elizabeth and I was blessed with her life and presence for a mere 3 days. I call her my sixth because she always seems to be counted [by others] last, instead of first.

I think about her often and I can still picture her little baby face in my mind. Every year my family is gracious enough to make a cake or cupcakes and blow out a candle for her eventhough she isn't here with me anymore.

I hope this better explains when I speak of having six kids or raising five kids - it can get confusing, I suppose - but in my heart I am the Mom of six and I always will be.

I love you Natalie. Please know that Mommy is thinking of you today and wishing she could hold you just one more time. Happy Birthday Baby.