Thursday, March 5, 2009

Did You Notice I Never Buy the Gossip Mags?

...that should tell you something Nice Clerk at my local drugstore.
This happened a few weeks ago and I forgot to post about it, but we still see both the main players in this story and well, it is just weird.
Pooldad stops in this particular drugstore about once or twice a week. He purchases various sundries, my prescriptions, an emergency can of dogfood if we run out. You get the idea. Since we have lived here for over 3 years the clerks have come to know him and our family. The clerks change, it seems, with the seasons, but they are always 1. Young 2. Extremely polite 3. Efficient. We have no problem with their service but the their familiarity has ...shall we say, gotten out of hand?
Nice Clerk 1 [NC1] is in her early twenties, lives with her Mom and this is her only job as she is single, no kids and doesn't attend college. Nice Clerk 2 [NC2] is in her late teens, lives at home and is also in Community College. Just background, nothing really relevant except their ages and the fact we KNOW all this stuff...they chat, to us, A LOT.
A few weeks ago Pooldad goes to the drugstore to purchase a holiday item they had on sale. While he is at the counter being rung up he had the following conversation with NC1:

Pooldad: Hi NC1. How are you doing today?
NC1: Oh, okay I guess....[sigh]
Pooldad: What's wrong? You don't seem your cheery self.
NC1: Well, it is NC 2 - you know her right?
[Pooldad nods his head]
NC1: Well, during her shift yesterday, she like...well, went to the bathroom and um, like GAVE BIRTH IN OUR TOILET. [she didn't shout this - I just wanted to show the emphasis of what she said.]
[Pooldad frozen in place - shocked - not about the pregnancy, but WHAT?]
NC1: Yeah, so like the baby is fine and all and NC2 is coming back to work tomorrow, but can you believe it? She didn't even know she was pregnant and just, like, y'know felt like she had to go to the bathroom and next thing we know the ambulance is coming. Weird, huh?
Pooldad: Uh, yes, weird. [He told me later he didn't know what to say. Would you?] Please tell NC 2 that we hope she is okay. Glad the baby is fine."
He grabbed his stuff, receipt and walked pretty damn fast out of there.
He came home mumbling something along the lines of "I just wanted a decoration, not the girl's life story, jeesh." I asked him what happened and he repeated the story. My chin just kind of hit the table until I said "Give the receipt." He handed it over and I called the store phone number on it so I could talk to the manager.
The poor manager. He had just been promoted a few days before and been given this store as his own. We had a very nice conversation, but I just felt it was necessary to point out that perhaps, MAYBE the clerks shouldn't be gossiping to customers they hardly know? He was, to say the least, in complete agreement and promised he would stop her from discussing it any further. I didn't call to get NC1 in trouble, but I thought it was COMPLETELY inappropriate behavior to share such private details of someone's life that we don't even know that well.
We still shop there and both clerks still work there [and YES! she did come back the next day telling Pooldad she needed the money.] They are still as nice and efficient as always, but I hope that we aren't privilege to anymore intimate details of their lives. 'Kay?


Marni said...

Oh Mah Gah... people will tell you anything these days won't they?

Nothing is private anymore.

oooo - my verification word is MAGIC!!!!

Gail said...

I work for the public and yes, they will tell you everything. I guess some people are so alone when you show a little interest, they empty their heart.

I am glad I can listen. It may not be the subject matter I choose but hey, I am providing a service.

And like a lawyer or doctor, these stories never pass my lips, but I am there if they need me.

When your husband was kind enough to notice the difference in her demeanor, she knew he cared enough to listen.

Coffeypot said...

I wonder if she named the baby Kohler Moen and will she call it ‘Flush?”