Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well That was a Heck of a Husbandly Slip....

Recently I bought a bottle of this to use in my crafts. It is a new addition to our household and something that my lovely husband has never been aquainted with before.

Bless his innocent lil' heart.

I had finished up some eggs I was decopauging with the "MOD PODGE" [the name is important]. A bit later into the evening Pooldad turned to me and commented on how pretty the eggs had turned out.

Why, thank you honey! :)

He then turned to me and inquired, "So are you going to use anymore of that menage' a trois stuff again tonight?"

My inhaler received quite the workout for the next 5 minutes I can assure you. And it reminded me again why having asthma sucks extra bad when I have a spouse that makes me laugh as hard as mine can in an unexpected, moment's notice.


Yvo Sin said...

*smirk* One can wish, can't we? *smirk*

Gail said...

I will never look a Mod Podge the same again!

Gizmo said...

Pooldad and Superman are NEVER permitted in the same city - unless we both have Depends!!!