Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Morning Funny

We are dog sitting Doohicky-The Whirling Dervish-AKA Peanut yet again. [Yes, her owner goes out of town a lot. I sometimes wonder why they have the dog,, not my place. Anyway, she is a really nice lady, so no worries.] We like Doohicky. She is basically everything our Spot is not [hee]. She is long legged, quick, agile and a bundle of energy. Yep! Check on all of those....not Spot.

Another thing she is not is Spot's buddy some of the time. We have taken to keeping Doohicky at our home instead of leaving her over at her's because she is a lot of puppy fun, she is absolutely house trained [she will BRING her leash if she needs to go out - how cool is THAT?] and for part of the time she and Spot get along. Until one of the two wants to be in a Mama's lap. Then they fight.

And they fight rough. The scary , "I don't like hearing my dog make those type of noises" type of fight. It always diminishes in a flash, but the intial noise scares the beehoohoo out of all of us.

When it occurred for the third time this morning [since 7 am] Dad laid down the law.

He turned to the youngest and said: "If that happens again Eva Braun is going home, understood?"

The youngest looked puzzled so I stepped in, "Do you know who Eva Braun is?" I asked. The youngest shook her head.

"Hitler's girlfriend." I replied.

Hysterical giggling all around.

Nothing like an impromptu history lesson on a Saturday morning, eh? I am ALL about education y'know.


Gail said...

Funny! How sweet of you to dog sit. I have a few, can you keep them indefinately?

Gizmo said...

Thank you for the weekend chuckle! :)
Did you see Evie in the Pied Piper picture??