Monday, March 30, 2009

A Thing That Went Bump in The Afternoon

Or more correctly WHAM! Right into a cement wall, on her bicycle, going downhill at about 10 miles per hour [it is a steep hill].

This is our youngest. She went out yesterday to enjoy our warm weather and while riding her bike, wearing her helmet, she lost control and smacked dab into a cement wall.

She had a contusion on her forehead, a bloody nose and a split lip. Her bike is bent, but the helmet is still okay. [Apparently she was wearing it wrong and it was too far back on her head. On a side note: What is it about kids? You check them before they leave, the helmet is all good and then you find out later that she shifts it as soon as you are out of sight? Bah.]

Pooldad took one look in my eyes and realized that NO a little Motrin and an ice pack was NOT going to be okay. This was Emergency Room worthy, dammit. Off Pooldad and the youngest went. I waited at home for her sister who was out of town on a field trip.

And waited. The hospital was quick to take the youngest right in [headwound] and over the course of the next three hours did every test that would make a Mom feel much better about her lil' one's condition. [Please know this is only the second time in 5 kids and 20 years we have been to the Emergency Room - both for this kid. :)] Pooldad called with updates with each test result and although it was looking great it broke my heart because the youngest kept asking "Is Momma coming yet? Is Momma coming yet?" They made it home before I could make it there.

Long story, short - She has a concussion and a broken nose. And she is staying home with Pooldad and me today :D!

Kudos to the hospital staff who were very gentle with her and said she was a great patient and also to the doctor that reprimanded her for changing her helmet after we checked that she was wearing it correctly.

Now we are having fun making up names for her. Bump head, Wall girl, Nose ....feel free to chime in! [This is fun for the sake of relief - we were all actually pretty scared]

A special thanks to Yvo for holding my hand. You're the best!


Gail said...

I call my horse Knothead.

Glad she's okay, that is so scary.

I guess part of our job in parenting is to keep telling and their job is to not listen.

Coffeypot said...

How about the ER Queen? or Goat because she used her head to butt the wall. By the way, how is the wall, anyway?

Now you know why parents have gray hair.

Marni said...

Very scary! So happy she is fine.

Let's see...

Rob (Carl's nickname for "retard on bike")
Hot Rod

SkippyMom said...

Knothead, Goat and Rob are sticking right now. Her eyes keep getting blacker and her ribs are sore, but it is fun having her home and safe :D

And although Rob is politically incorrect, is the front runner....'cause that is how she rolls. Dangerously into walls as we have discovered...right?

Marni we were seperated at birth right? And Yvo is our little sister...I am sure of this. ;)

bulletholes said...

When i was a kid I tried to catch a Teeter-Totter that two kids were on. cracked my head pretty good and ended up wearing a big bandage that looked like a turban.
Dad called me Ali Baba.

Call her Wallene.

SkippyMom said...

oh, sorry...WALLENE FOR THE WIN...jeesh Bulletholes THAT is so funny.

Thank you. :D

Yvo Sin said...

Anytime, silly lady, you know that! I'm glad I caught you and was able to make you feel even a teeny bit better. And I am even happier to see that she's doing better as well. Hugs to her from me, ok?
<3 and ROB is awesome, I am going to start using that. Unfort the BF has 2 close friends named ROB... and one of them has a bike (motorcycle).... LOL