Wednesday, February 25, 2009

YAY! New Toy!

I have been hoping, praying, wanting, salivating....okay, you get the idea - over this lil' puppy. It is a Cricut machine. It cuts paper! It makes designs! It makes alphabets! With the right cartridges [for example] I can make Disney or farm animals [y'all just wait!] or beach scenes. It will make my cards, scrapbooking and ATCs look fabulous, with a push of a button. It will also be great for all the school projects the kidlets have.

I have been following the infomercials late at night - but the large one [it cuts up to 12"x 12"] is $399.00. Way out of our budget. Then I discovered they sold a smaller version [it cuts up to 5 1/2" x 11 1/2 "] for $199.00. I don't need anything that is 1 foot by 1 foot, so the smaller one is great, but at $199.00 it is still too much for a woman that owns a pair of scissors [or six, but who's counting?]

I waited. Actually, I forgot all about it. Then Pooldad - who I didn't even realize knew that I wanted one of these - called me last week and said he had found one for $149.00 on sale. Hmmmm...we were getting warmer, but I told him I didn't need it, I would just like to have it. I put the thought aside. Again. No biggie.

Today I went to the Joann's website because they are having a fabulous sale on all the craft supplies I like to keep stocked - and if you sign up for an account [not a credit card, just a web account] you can receive shipping for $2.95 on your full order [today only] Bonus!

Imagine my surprise when the first sale addy I saw was for the Cricut I want and their sale price is $99.99! Wooohooooo!!!

I cannot wait! We are going to have so much fun. :)

And now I can stop watching the infomercials.


Gizmo said...

WWWAAAAHHHHOOOOO!!! Dancing here for you!
Did you say farm animals?? ROFLOL
I can't wait to see!!

Gail said...

Show us your creations! Can you make stencils?

SkippyMom said...

Thanks Gizmo - I can't wait to make a lil' vignette for y'all that have farms!

Gail - DEFINITELY makes stencils...let me know what you need and I will cut them out and mail them on to you....Check out their website - it shows some cool ideas for stencilling your home.

Amy said...

My Best Friend has one of these and she LOVES it. If I was still into scrapbooking like I was before the little tikes were born, I would be all over it. Until I have more time on my hands, it will have to wait. Have fun with it.

P.S. 6 kids!? They have titles fore women like you...Saint (and blessed).

Yvo Sin said...

:) That is so awesome! Sometimes I wish I were more crafty, but then I realize if I were, I'd have about triple the junk I have now, but actually made into something pretty. I always save things and say "I can do xx with that!" and then never do it. Haha drove my parents insane as a kid.

Teresa said...

I had the little one and barely used it. Why, you might ask? I was afraid of it and afraid I'd mess something up. Fast forward 2 years and I now have the big one. Have I used it? Nope - I did unpack it though... today... six months after I bought it. I'm still afraid of it, but now on a bigger scale.