Monday, February 2, 2009

I Think They Mated

Found these today:
....and there is another bottle in our bathroom.

This is what happens when Mom is laid up for a period of time and the family graciously does the shopping and house cleaning. hee
Refill container anyone?


Gizmo said...

Ok, they actually shopped - AND CLEANED!!! Lets be happy for the little things. LOL

SkippyMom said...

Oh I am, I just laughed so hard when I found 5 of those suckers!

Makes me want to clean out my pantry and see how many cans of veggies they bought ;D

amy said...

i just saw your comment on my blog...i'm so bad at reading comments!

but, yes, where we got him called him a boxador...and online that seems to be what it is! kinda funny i know.

you should read my most recent post, puppy world isn't so fun anymore...he's so naughty!

take care :)

Yvo Sin said...

lol awesome :)

Yvo Sin said...

Making this a special visit , shh don't tell the other bloggies I sub to :X