Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Are You Doing?

[ATC by SkippyMom]
So what are everyone's plans for Valentine's Day?
Pooldad and I don't celebrate it, as we figure that we have 364 other days in which to tell eachother how much we love one another and we do a lot of fun [and sometimes romantic] "couple stuff" that we don't really need a holiday to express it. We also don't like how it seems to force people to have a significant other/date or they feel bad if they don't.
Cynical aren't we?
I am kidding [about the cynicism - the rest is true!] but we do have a special night for the kids. For as long as I can remember we have had the infamous "Red Dinner" - which consists of Spaghetti with Marinara sauce, salad with lettuce, red bell peppers, tomatoes and Thousand Island Dressing [well, it is almost a red dressing], garlic bread [which isn't red] and for Dessert? The yummy-licious Strawberry Pie with real whipped cream. We have, in the past, dyed their milk red [and green on St. Patricks Day :D] but they don't pander to that anymore and won't let us [don't you hate when they grow up? sigh]. And strawberry milk? No, not with spaghetti, tyvm.
So does anyone else have a tradition or something they like to do on Valentine's Day? I would love to hear all about it.
and if anyone rats me out for spelling "dyed"as "died" before I could edit it...just remember, I know where you blog. heehee


Marni said...

You should try Catalina dressing instead of TI... it is red and tastes oh so yummy!!

Amy said...

FINALLY! Someone else who has the same feelings about Valentines Day. We don't make a huge deal about it. Now that we have kids, we do something fun for them. This year we are going to spend the weekend away as a family, not because it is Valentines Day but because we need a get away, the dates just happened to cross.

Your dinner sounds really good. Can I come?

I should add that I do make sugar cookies every year. Who can resist sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles!

Gail said...

Just another day.

Yvo Sin said...

Marni - Catalina is yum, but it's very much sugar and ketchup thinned down a little... ;P

I love your red dinner idea, I'm stealing that for when I have kids. Actually why wait? I can start that now. Yay! I love traditions. <3

It's just another day but for me, an excuse to cook something new, something different, and an excuse to force him to eat something difft