Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Won! We Won! We Won!

WOOT! This would take too long to explain the legalities or the length of time it took us to have this rectified but here are a few salient facts:
  • Pooldad has two children from his first marriage. We have not seen them in 11 years. Still, Pooldad is diligent in paying his child support. [Automatic payments every two weeks for 15 years]
  • Pooldad's eldest child, his daughter, turned 18 in July 2007. <--note the year!
  • Child support should have ceased to have been paid to the mother, for the daughter, in July 2007. [She graduated high school in June 2007]
  • We have been paying child support for an adult since July 2007. 18 extra months.
  • The overage has amounted to $14,516.00 we have overpaid since 2007.
  • The Commonwealth of VA would not fix this, no matter how hard we tried, until today.
  • Today a Loudon County judge handed Pooldad's ex-wife her head in a hand basket for lying and accepting $14,516.00 in overage payments. And LYING. [I know, I know I said lying twice. I would have to say it a bazillion times to make you understand how much she lies.]
  • The judge also reduced Pooldad's child support obligation by $420.00 per month [he has a son that will turn 18 in September 2009.] We are obligated for his support until then.
  • The ex wife was at the court hearing via phone conference. The best part? She almost was arrested VIA phone conference for CONTEMPT OF COURT. The judge informed her that if she "told one more egregious lie a NC deputy would be on her doorstep to arrest within minutes." heehee

I can't say I am enthralled with Department of Child Support Enforcement of VA, nor of the way this was all handled - we will not be receiving any of the overage back, nor will we be credited [in essence we basically paid for a 2 year Associate's Degree at a Community College for the child, but whatever!]

The ex was called on the carpet. We are able to recoup almost an extra $500 per month [in Pooldad's paycheck] and come September 2009? We never, ever have to deal with her again.

15 years is a long time for an ex to hold a grudge against a man that she walked out on [she is on her 5th husband [prospective] btw....her second husband since leaving Pooldad] She was SERVED royal in court today. And she deserved it.

I am ready for this all to be over. We love those kids, we have supported them in every way we know how- we miss them, but if not for the interference of the ex - well...divorce should never be this stupid.

Be happy today. It took almost two years and a boatload of frustration, but we won. Finally.


Gizmo said...

We are kindred spirits!!! We received notice today also -- NO MORE PAYMENTS!!!! Our last "day of truth" will come March 5th - with the decision about custody of our grandchildren. Congratulations, and I'll start chilling the champagne for September! :)

Yvo Sin said...

:) I heart you! I'm so happy for you!!!

Amy said...

That's great! Enjoy the extra funds, I am sure your girls can use it.

Gail said...

Super! Don't you just love it when you win?

RVVagabond said...

Divorce can be ugly in so many ways. I'm glad some of the wrongs have been righted, even if true compensation will never be paid by the ex. It's always the kids who lose.

I had my first mimosa this year when my husband's evil step-mother moved to Tennessee. Five of us went through 3 bottles of champagne. Woot!