Monday, September 1, 2014

So Many Words, So Few Synapses Firing

I have so much to share Tapdpoles and I don't even know where to begin.

It's not that any of it's important - it's all basically b.s stuff happening in our pond now - but I always feel like this is one big coffee clatch, wine party, bar fest [take your pick - notice two involve alcohol tho'. giggle ]

It's as tho' I just want to catch you up on our week, month....year, because anything written going forward won't make much sense without the context of now.  In turn I want to know what's going on in your worlds too.

Make sense? No?   Well, when do I? ::wink::

Let me tell you the goofy thing I did last night. Goofy enough to result in a "DUH, that was STUPID Janine" type of wound.  Laugh with me.

Steven and I went to a Tiki Bar party last night. It was at a friend's home, a friend I went to High School with and hadn't seen in over 30 years.  It was nice to get the invite and as I don't get out much I spent a lot of time getting ready for the [very casual] party.  Tack on at hour car ride each way and you might appreciate just how exhausted I was when we arrived home last night.

Fell into bed, faceplanted on my [beloved Vikings] pillow and BOOM! Skippy was out for the count. I didn't even take off my make up or my boots.  Thankfully Steven thought to undress me and tuck me in. Yay for cool husbands. I am pretty sure he behaved himself, but who knows? I was exhausted. I could feasibly be pregnant with our 7th child and not realize it - that is how passed out I was. [TMI?, not really. giggle]

I woke up around 10:30 and here started the problem. I don't sleep in the MBR.  Due to pain and illness we have found that it is better that I sleep in Emily's room. She is off at college but her furniture is still here. I normally get up every hour and sometimes the pain is so bad I am hopping around the room or simply crying into my pillows.  But last night I woke up in the MBR. Thinking I was in Emily's room.  I have no idea why Steven and I decided last night was a good night to toss me in the MBR bed, but hey! We did.

Not good. Not good at all. As I came to discover.

The MBR has a bath attached.. Emily's room doesn't.  I have to walk out Em's door straight down the hall into the second bath.  When I got out of bed and went looking for the door out of the room I thought I was in, [after much stumbling and groping of molding] I found the door. Except it was the door to the MBR bathroom.  I was so out of it I didn't notice this door opened out, when I know Em's door opens in.  I stumbled through the door and started to walk straight forward thinking I had 10 steps to get to the what I assumed was the second bathroom door.

Nope.  I got about six steps and nailed the toilet with my shin. CRACK!

Pretty sure that was the point I woke up. Gawd. I felt so stupid.  In my defense it was dark in that room. We are in a banana moon cycle - so no moonlight to light up our room - and it is DARK in the country Tadpoles. Damn is it dark out here.

So, after scavenging some clothes, I rocked the homeless look and I limped my way into the living room. I asked Steven "Just what the hell did you do to me?"  [Always blame the husband if you can heehee] He smiled and said "What did you do this time J?"  Oh nothing. Just one more wound to add to my list of stupid things I have done.

I got no sympathy - but a great looking bruise on my shin.  Bones and porcelain are not friends. Not friends at all.

See what I mean about not knowing what to talk about or what to share?  THIS is what I decide is a good blog fodder. Sigh.

I would like to point out [after reading this to myself - proofreading FTW!] there was no alcohol involved in this escapade. It sounds as though there was, but honestly?  I was just bone tired.  Sober and exhausted.

It probably would make a heckuva' lot more sense had I imbibed at the Tiki Bar party. :) And I have to give a big round of applause to my buddy Doug who threw the party - I haven't seen a bar that stocked since I was last in a bar. Wow! There was a lot of liquor at this party. I can only imagine what occurred after we left.

Well, that's all I got for a Monday morning.  Hope y'all have a great week. School starts tomorrow and Evelyn and Tucker's birthdays are this week! YAY! Plus my brother in law's birthday and my in laws wedding anniversary.  Yep, busy week.

I think I need to go back to bed.  This time I going back to Emmy's room. I stand a better chance of finding my way out. heehee

See ya' on the flipside! Smile loudly - LIFE IS A GIFT!

Love and hugs, Janine


Rebecca said...

Hehe no alcohol involved and yet still an EPIC moment.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't have any cocktails, you could have just blamed that! Hee hee! Sorry about the bruise though.

CWMartin said...

Trust me, adding the cocktails would have just involved adding walking edge-on into an open door.

Gypsy said...

I have done the same thing when I'm in a strange place like a motel. I try to not fully wake up when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and have wondered "Where in the hell am I and what have I done!"

ellen abbott said...

when we first moved out here I routinely walked into walls getting up to go to the bathroom. finally got me a night lite for the bathroom.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

A banana moon... what a perfect description, and one I've never heard before. Love it!

(I don't need alcohol to walk into stuff, either, even in broad daylight.)

FYI, "Old Broads Waxing Poetic" should be on sale on Amazon by this Friday. I got a proof of it the other day, and the cover is gorgeous!)


Sally said...

I was thinking of you and your girls the other day… My "office" is located in a local high school (the special ed co-op I work for has a little annex type thing). When I left the office the other day, the marching band was somewhere on the school property, practicing, and I could hear them. And, wow, the music was just beautiful and it made me think of your girls and then you :)

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

If I had to list the things that I hate the most, walking around in the dark would be among them. I hate, hate, hate that feeling of not knowing where your foot - or shin - is going to be next. Hope you don't have a massive bruise.

Yum Yucky said...

I read somewhere that early onset pregnancy can bring about stumbling and bumbling in the night. You're knocked up!

Juli said...

Last week I decided to put wheels on the bottom of the armoire in our bedroom so I could move it easier. (It's one of those plain, home depot types) The thing weighs 150 lbs empty. So I get it empty, tilt it over onto the bed, manage to not crush myself in the process, assess the situation, build a platform it can go on with the wheels, somehow wiggle it onto the platform, and roll it back into place.... without incident.

And as I'm looking at it from afar, I walk up quickly to it to check something and WHAM!!! left shin right into the drill bit. Left a HOLE in the shin and a nasty dent and bruise.

Seriously... didn't crush myself or have it fall on me... just walked right into trouble.

And hey... at least you didn't walk in there and pee thinking you were in a different bathroom. :)

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