Saturday, September 20, 2014

This Is Too Much Fun Not to Share

Was cruising the interwebs when I came across this short and sweet FUN game.

My ribcage already hurts from coughing, hurling and other special stuffz, so laughing was just an added bonus this morning, right?

You're going to like it - and HEY! I am posting on a Saturday, while sick with a cold, flu, death - so suck up and play along.

Okay? Okay...heehee

Here's the deal.
Go to Google
Type in your name and add the word "needs".

In my case?  "Janine needs"

Hit enter and then write down the first five you see.

Now, Janine isn't that common of a name and I only got one.

It said "Janine needs a dollar."

I was, like, "Yes, yes I do. About a million. But let's start there."

So. . . I moved onto Skippy.

Bwahahaha - THIS was SO much better.

I received the following:

Skippy needs help. [No kidding.]
Skippy needs back surgery.
Skippy needs sleep badly. [Are they stalking my blog? And no, this wasn't a link here, surprisingly]
Skippy needs a foster home.  [Yep, Steven is rehoming me. Takers?]

And my favorite?

Skippy needs a girl.


Turns out my nickname is quite popular with male dogs, hence ALL of the lisitngs above.

But when you think of them in terms of a 48 y.o. stay at home mom it is pretty funny, isn't it?

I hope you all play and share the results.  Because you know if you don't I am just going to do it for you and then? All bets are off. ::wink::

Thank you Jen from Jen But Never Jenn for the idea.

Smile loudly Tadpoles. Life is A Gift.

And so are tissues and cherry cough drops.
See ya' on the flipside!
Love and hugs, Janine


ellen abbott said...

Ellen needs Erica
Ellen needs me
Ellen needs glasses
Ellen needs to meet Pip
Ellen needs geneology

CWMartin said...

I did a couple posts a while back with (pick your nation) wants... it was a lot of fun, too. Except the part where Australia wanted to kill me.

Julie said...

Julie just needs a bit of peace in her city just now, but i'm away off to blog about that now!!!

Anonymous said...


Beth needs lovin'
Beth needs help
Beth needs to live
Beth needs to keep warm
Beth needs her broken leg fixed


Hugs and love!

Yum Yucky said...

Google hates me. Typed in both "josie needs" and "josette needs". Nothing came up. All other random names I tried worked. Google HATES meeee!!!!!! (and I'm changing my name)

Yart said...

My first one did me in... Its like the internet knows me personally.

Rachel needs to pee!


Rachel needs you
Rachel needs a vacation
Rachel needs money and again
Rachel needs to pee...

I guess I really should just embrace the walnut sized bladder... LOL! ;)

Jean said...

I'm late to the party but apparently Jeannie needs about 57 shooters

..employment and hope

...more shooters
pg 4 ....more shooters

pg t - more shooters & help!

I guess so after all those shooters

Teresa said...

"Teresa needs" Kathy on her side. LOL!
"Tee needs" brought up nothing. Guess that's talking about t-shirt images.

aapkinews said...

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