Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Freak Out Your Husband

Just a short, simple story but it happened this morning and although I feel kind of bad about it. . .I did laugh.

I'm horrible, I know.


In all things Skippy, including my sketch health, I have lost my ability to balance well. It's not so bad and something I have become accustomed to, but I have a tendency to randomly . . .well . . .just fall over.

It isn't pretty, and I have done some damage this past year - but it is what it is and I usually have a family member around to cushion the blow.  Or at least to staunch the flow of blood.

This morning Steven and I had an errand to run and I knew I had to shower to go on this errand.  He also had to shower because he had to leave for work immediately after the errand was over.

We used different bathrooms to bathe, at the same time.

[Oh c'mon Tadpoles did you really think I was going to detail a shower together? I said the blog was going to change. I didn't say it was going down the pornogr*phy road, did I?]

The bathrooms are a wall apart. This means we can hear each other in the other room. YAY for shoddy 80's construction. 

While bathing, my hands became soapy and I dropped a full bottle of body wash into the tub.

BAM! Crash! and when I bent over to get it I knocked over a bottle of shampoo. BANG! I am pretty sure Steven assumed I had taken another header, this time into the porcelain.

Within seconds I heard him call "Janine! Janine! Are you okay?" and the sounds of him getting out of the tub, mid shower, to run over to me. Bless his heart, it's that mental pic' that made me laugh.

I yelled through the wall "Yes honey. Keep your towel on. I'm fine."

I don't mean to do this stuff and I don't mean to make him worry, it's just what it is.  I am very aware that this will be his reaction to sounds emanating from my bathroom when I shower alone.

It's a given I don't shower or take a bath when he isn't home. That's kind of sucky, but it's for the best - but dayum. You would think I could get through a 5 minute shower without freaking the poor guy out, right?

I was waiting for him, dressed and ready, when he came out of the shower.
His comment?  "Wrestling bears in the bath again Skip?"

You would think so, considering.

Smile loudly Tadpoles. Life is a gift, isn't it?
See you on the flipside. Love and hugs, Janine

Edited to add:  Got this email this morning after Steven arrived at work:  "You are everything to me. Even when I freak out in the shower."



Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I have terrible balance and I can't blame it on meds or anything else other than my complete lack of interest in continuing to go to yoga. My doctor just told me I "walk wrong." No kidding. People who walk behind me tell me I weave. I probably couldn't pass a roadside DUI test even if I hadn't had anything to drink. On the other hand, if my husband heard a crash in the shower, he would assume wall tiles were falling off and would call a contractor before he'd check on me.

CWMartin said...

The man IS a saint! I know a bottle of poo makes a lot of noise downstairs when dropped in the shower upstairs. I think though, any real falls here would be accompanied by real, "Oh, $#!T!"

Gypsy said...

I won't tell you how lucky you are to have a man like Steven, because you already know it! And he's lucky to have you - you sure make life interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

Best email ever! Sadly, I sleep like the dead. There have been times that Tony has fallen, and I am none the wiser.

We've often joked that he could have sex with another woman in the bed and I'd never wake up!

Glad you are okay though! :D

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Life is never ever boring at your house, is it? Keep laughing, sweetie.


colenic said...

i love you both!!!

aapkinews said...

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