Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow? Fail, SnowDay? WIN!

We didn't get much snow. We are still trying to figure out why everything was closed today, but we aren't complaining.

No sireee, we had a great day doing what we usually do when we have a snow day.  We ate, napped, ate some more, thought about shoveling, ate, watched the news for the impending doom of the storm we didn't get, picked at leftovers, sent Wallene out to shovel a few flakes, took another "nap" [meaning we laid in bed and watched TV instead of actually, y'know, sitting in the den], made a pie, ate dinner, crafted, watched another bad scary movie and ate dessert.

Oh and we put stuff on the dog.
If you don't know us, we do this all the time.
And she lets us. ::grinning::

This is the wreath I made. I got the idea from the incredible crafty Jill over at Jillgoes.  It is so quick, easy and inexpensive I was thrilled when I finished it in less than 2 hours. What really tickled Pooldad was the simple task of me being able to hand tie 200 pieces of fabric with nary a twinge in my hands. 
It seems like a long way from recently being unable to pick up a coffee mug, eh?
 The beginnings of "Death by Chocolate" mousse pie. This is one rich pie Tadpoles. Letmetellyou.
More homemade whipped cream with a touch of chocolate shavings.  The family thought the shavings were extra special.  Wallene called it "Food Network Worthy". ::blushing:: Shucks! But dang, this is so delicious.
And rich. Did I mention rich?
Pooldad has pie.
And obviously questionable choices in headwear.
I love you honey! [Lose the beanie please. ::mwah::]
And Spottie? 
Spottie wants pie too.
She feels owed since we made her wear a bow. 
Too bad pups. It is made with unprocessed chocolate which is no good for you.
I tossed a lil' doggie steak treat instead. That more than made up for the bow.

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday Tadpoles and if you happened to get the snow we were supposed to get?  I truly hope you are safe, warm and have power.

Take care and we'll see ya' on the flipside! xo Skippy


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great "snow" day. That's the best kind of day in my book. Just relaxing, eating, cooking, crafting, and all being together and honkered down. Oh, and turn on the fireplace. I love the way your wreath turned out. I like the kind of crafts that you can finish in a relatively short amount of time. I like to see results I guess. I don't think I could ever be a quilter.

ellen abbott said...

Cool wreath. Yummy pie. Silly Pooldad. Patient dog.

Tracy said...

That pie looks especially thick and yummy. And he can keep the lose more heat from your head than any other body part.

Jean said...

Well you can't beat a snow day without the snow!

The pie looks yummy but we are too fat for me to indulge. Banana cake and brownies are bad enough.

I'm so happy for you being able to create something so pretty without agony. My hands are rarely so bad, thank heavens although the knitting got to be a bit much sometimes. Ah - but a labour of love nonetheless. I drop a lot of dishes. THAT gets frustrating.

Carolyn said...

No snow here. No bow-wearing weenie dog either. And NO awesome chocolaty PIE :(

Kathy's Klothesline said...

He Who loves chocolate would love your pie! Poor Scoobie, no pie! My old guy is limping today, I hope he just slept in a bad position ... We had more than our share of the white stuff, I have a seasonal cmaper anxious to take possession of his site. He wants to know if the site will be too wet when the snow melts. Some days I just bite my tongue .....

Southhamsdarling said...

Love how you have dressed up your little dog in such a cute bow! Priceless!! Wow! I was much impressed with that wreath that you made. How clever are you then?! How marvellous that you can move your hands to do things like that now. It really is a miracle, isn't it! I'll have nothing bad said about Pooldad - and I love his hat!! Well, you might not have had much snow, but you certainly had a wonderful 'snow' day in spite of that. Sounds like really special times. Hugs to you my friend x

CWMartin said...

Maybe you should put the scarf (?) on Pooldad and the beanie on the doggie. And send me the Death By Chocolate.

Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't get the snow! It was near 40 today so ours is starting to melt - about the only good thing of getting snow in March is that it usually doesn't last long!

Um, and that pie? Insulin worthy!!

Juli said...

Loving the wreath! And the pie? Unbelievable. Wish I lived closer... you could leave a piece in your mailbox. :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oooh, that pie looks absolutely decadent, but not quite as sweet as hearing your hands are doing so much better.

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. There's gonna be a book giveaway on my blog to go along with Monday's post. Carole Kilgore will be doing a guest post on Monday to promote her new book, and will give away a signed copy of her last one. All ya have to do to be eligible is make a comment before she draws the lucky winner on Wednesday morning. Cool, huh?

Take care, kiddo. 12:34

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Great pie! Great wreath! And I LOVE your new page design!!!

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