Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Helllloooo Tadpoles!

Busy, busy, busy.

Whew! This is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and be stationary since. . .um, I can't quite recall.

I feel like I haven't stopped moving for a week. 

It's all good tho'. ::grinning::

I know that I promised to climb the rock wall this past weekend, but through no fault [or chickening out on my part] I had to postpone it by one week.

Pooldad and I spent all day Friday and Saturday driving hither and yon, to and fro, up mountains and down again. It's a very good thing I like car rides and driving because we were all over the Commonweaalth. We visited his parents, ran errands and went to look at prospective homes.  Seeing his folks was wonderful, running errands [read: spending money] is always fun and looking at homes?  Let's just say those forays deserve a post all their own.  For example:  Did you know outhouses still exist in some newer neighborhoods that have public water and sewer access? They do, surprisingly enough, and evidently are allowed to remain [active!] by some strange grandfather clause in our laws. Weird.

I won't even begin to tell you about the deer leg, yes, a furry leg, just a leg! We found it in the backyard of one home we were looking at.  We do very much want to live in the mountains, but we somehow forgot about the mountain lions that exist in these here parts. It was an interesting and educational trip.

So, the rock wall?  We were all set to go pick up Squirrel on Saturday morning when she called to tell us she was too ill with the flu to travel. Eeek! Y'all are parents, so I ask you - how high do you think my freak out, worry level was when I heard that?  My daughter, the one who loves to come home to Mom's cooking, Daddy's limo service and her beloved lil' sister doesn't feel good enough to be driven less than two hours to her own bed and Mommy-ing?  This is the second time the poor child has had the flu in less than a month. There are two strains travelling through her college campus.  My darling girl managed to get both.

Happily we were able to pick her up on Sunday and ferry her home:
 Happy to be home.
 Nothing tissues and a little chicken soup won't cure.
 Wallene is not convinced.
Squirrel is, thankfully, getting better each day. It is so nice to have her home, if only for a week. Lots of laughter, food and fun around our table at mealtimes. I don't think my stomach muscles are ever going to heal. ::YAY!::
Oh, and today we both had doctor's appointments. Glad to report that Pooldad is in great health. Yippee Skippy, always good to hear.
On one final note. . .
I am sure you can tell that I am one content Momma.
Still, I would be remiss if I didn't post a birthday wish for my oldest child, Natalie Elizabeth. 
Today is her 25th birthday and, as I do every year, I made her cupcakes.
 Happy birthday sweetheart.
I think of you everyday. 
I wish I could hold you and sing happy birthday to you, one more time.
You were the first of many blessings in my life.
Wish you were here to laugh along with us.
Miss you.
One more goofy pic' to leave you with a smile. . .
Being silly, playing Headbanz and eating cupcakes.
Enjoy your week Tadpoles and remember - Smile LOUD. Life is a gift.
See ya' on the flipside! xo Skippy


Mystic Mud said...

Aw, what beautiful girls you have - they take after you! I'm glad that your baby got to come home to her mommy and be properly taken care of - nothing better in the whole big wide world than Dr. Mom!

I have no doubt you will be climbing that big ole rock!! Just get Pooldad to take some pictures and POST them HERE and this blog, please. Pretty, pretty, please!

Now, about mountaintop living - you know that you're in for a wild ride on THAT one!! have no room to make fun of those when we are using our current bucket.humanure system, but I get your drift :) And mountain lions - we are about them...and wild pigs, packs of feral dogs....and we've never seen or hear a one of those things. All of our neighbors claim that they roam their property ALL the dang time - they see them , hear them and find clues of them, but us? Nope. Nada. Zilch. We make fun of them and sing "lions, and tigers and bears - OH MY!!" (follow the yellow brick road - what the heck is the name of that movie!? I should know it - they used to only play it once a year, but now with cable I'm sure it's on all the time...hmm...I just can't think of the name!!) oh, Wizard of Oz - that's where it's, you're not the only crazy blabbering night owl out in blog land!! ROFL. I knew there was a reason we liked each other so much. And now I've forgot what else you wrote about in your post to respond to it :( I should stop now before I make a fool (or is it BIGGER fool?) out of myself!! I love you Skippy and I'm so glad that you are out-and-about living life and loving it!! xo - Michele

Julie said...

Lou has been suffering colds/coughs and dreaded lurgy. But it's the nature of her job and just moving to a new ward bring new kids and new buggies just waiting to pounce!!
Hope all are better soon

colenic said...

I am glad that Squirrel got home, even though it was delayed by a day...
Glad you are feeling well....and sending hugs and lots of love to you!

Tracy said...

Glad she was able to stay there the extra day to get better to come home. The dorm here shuts down so she would have been kicked out and only a note from God would have let her stay.

ellen abbott said...

Oh Skippy, they are growing up so fast. and I love that you are out and about.

Celia said...

Happy Birthday!! They grow up so fast **sniffle**

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