Friday, March 22, 2013

Can She Do It?

Better question:   Will the meds hold out?

It is entirely too quiet with Wallene gone to Florida so I thought I would stick one more post up before we leave for the weekend.

My medications have been changed once more because the last round of the side effects [again!] on the newest were too severe for me. Plan B C D anyone? I feel like an experiment sometimes.  Here's hoping my energy level stays up and the pain level stays down. I am hoping be able to recharge quietly this weekend.

But this isn't a post about my health, instead I thought I would write out a list of everything I have to accomplish today in order to get the 2 1/2 of us out of town without Pooldad having to do anything other than go to work and his doctor's appointment.

I think I can do it, as long as I take a few breaks here and there.

I have to:
  • Pack for Pooldad and me.  The biggest pain here is trying to remember all of my girlie stuff [make up, hair, creams, shampoos - arghhhh] and making sure we have clothes, shoes and dress coats for Church on Sunday. Start of Holy Week. Woot!
  • Finish two loads of laundry, which I will not be putting away. They will stay folded on the dining room table.
  • Sort two weeks of laundry. [The side effects were that bad. Seriously.]
  • Change the sheets and make the bed. [This doesn't have to be done, but it will be a nice surprised for him.]
  • Vacuum the bedroom, dusting while I do it. [Ditto, without the typo. oops!]
  • Meet Pooldad for his follow up appointment at 2:15.
  • Come home and load 4 baskets of clothes in the car. And the small cooler with the food we are taking. And our suitcase, the dog and me. Can't forget the Spooter can we? Oh, and her food.
  • Making sure I have the few kitchen essentials that aren't in the country packed. We do tend to cook and eat a lot while there. Fresh country air, dontcha' know?
  • Meet Pooldad at work and scooter on down to Gordonsville, VA for a peaceful respite in the woods.
My greatest concern is that all this stuff is going to fit in Oscarz?  And I am sort of wishing there weren't so many stairs in our lovely home. I don't get that winded from my heart as I think the doctors say I should, but my knees are a little creaky by the time I finish. Plus I get a bit fatigued near the end. Thank goodness for water therapy when we get to where we are going.  Country air and a hot tub. What more could a girl ask for?  My handsome companion is just an added bonus. ::grinning::

Two fun side notes before I leave y'all to go cause the trouble I know you will. ::Eyeballing Swiderski, Knitty and Bizzy specifically. grin::

     1.  Wallene texted me this morning at 5 am to say they had arrived in FL. She was surprised when I texted her back, seeing that I was awake at that hour. Precisely who's house has my kid been living in for the past 5 years I would like to know?  Mom doesn't sleep.  Anyway - we texted back and forth when suddenly she sends me one that says "Yeesh Mom, gas is only $3.71 here."  I texted her back "You are the ONLY 15 year old girl I know who would text THAT sentence to their mother on their way to DISNEYLAND you goof."  I guess we are a tiny bit obsessed with our $4/gal gas in the north. Oops.

    2.  You are going to like this one. I reserved personalized plates for my car. YIPPPEEE. I could have gotten my old plates back [O SKIPPY] but instead I chose OSCARZ 1. Now, I ask you, how cool is that?  All variations of TADPOLE were taken, so I went with his name instead.  I can't wait until they come in, it's so very exciting.

Okay, okay - so it's the little things. It always is with me, but you guys know that. Besides it is nice to be on the upswing of yet another roller coaster ride and hoping, again, this time it will last. Pray that the side effects are minimum and this round of treatment puts me in remission like the last round was supposed to, because gang? I think we may all be finally running out of steam here in our pond.

I hope that Spring has sprung for y'all, but I realize that a lot of you are still getting snow. Sorry about that.  If it is any consolation we had snow twice this week too, but remember - the calendar pages never stop turning and warm weather has to eventually get here, right?  Hang tough Tadpoles. We'll all be sporting tan lines soon enough.

Oh crud. Add take a shower and get ready to that list. I am sooooo outta here!
Have a great weekend. See ya' on the flipside! Hugs xo Skip


ellen abbott said...

so I thought the side effects of the last go round were, um, you know, fun in bed. And that the meds were giving you your life back. so, that didn't last? I figured you were AWOL because you were making up for lost living.

colenic said...

That is a crazy question is...what do you need 4 baskets of clothes for?? You are going away with the man that you love ;)(sorry couldn't resist)...You will get it all done and you will be away before you know it...have an amazing time...
Don't like the side effects thing..hopefully these new meds will, hugs and a nice relaxing weekend to you both!!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Have a WONDERFUL time, kiddo, but don't you go working so hard that you wear yourself out before you even hit the road. Be well. (And HEY! I "never" cause trouble...)

Hugs. 12:34

Southhamsdarling said...

You had been feeling so chirpy and I really hoped that that was going to last! Dang my britches! See, I'm talking like an American again. Hee hee! I do pray that all will go well, so that you can have a spiffing weekend sith your cute date! When you get back, check out my Sunday post. I think you will enjoy it. Love and hugs my special friend and safe travels. x

Unknown said...

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, restful, romantic weekend with your handsome man. Enjoy yourself!

Gypsy said...

Good luck on the meds and no side effects. Have a wonderful time and enjoy that hot tub.

Knitty said...

Harumph! I resemble that reference to trouble!

In the middle of the night, I woke up to heavy breathing and moaning. It wasn't me. Hubs was downstairs and fallen asleep on the couch. I could hear his sleep breathing (not a snore, just normal sleeping sounds) so it wasn't him either.

I think it was pretty darned rude of you and Pooldad to make so much noise as to wake me up here in Michigan.

P.S. Try to remind me not to fall asleep with the TV remote in bed. Apparently it turns on easily, but then what doesn't in that location? * winking, whistling and almost doing a skippy dance! *

life in the mom lane said...

Hopefully you got it all done and had a fabulous weekend! *smooches*

Anonymous said...

I read this on my phone and realized I never came back to comment!

Hope that this new round of meds not only does the trick, but that it sticks! It makes me overjoyed when you can do all the things you want to do.

Hope you enjoyed your getaway!

Jean said...

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend - you deserve it.

Your feed is not showing up in my list. ARGH! I think blogger is being so mean.

I'm sorry about your meds/side effects. Shit. Praying.

The crocus are up in my yard so I'm pretty sure that real spring won't be far behind. Can't wait. The snow is disappearing more every day - lots of dirt showing. I'd better get planning the garden!