Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laugh And The World Laughs With You?

Not if you hear Skippy laughing.

I know many things about myself.  I am not delusional about too many things when it comes to who I am, how I appear physically or how I carry myself.

I will say I used to think I had a pretty good laugh. I love to laugh. I consider my sense of humor to be pretty wicked and I relish laughing at the absurdities of life. I keep telling y'all if you can't laugh at it then what is the point, don't I? Laughing has gotten us through some pretty dark days recently.

Anyhoodle. . .

I was sorely disabused of my own love for my laugh many years ago. I was working in an office atmosphere, an office that only had five employees, the owner being one of them.  One day I was at the copier and my co worker yelled something out of her office that I found particularly hysterical and let loose with a very loud and boisterous laugh. Just about that time the owner walked by and pulled up quick, right next to me.  Without taking a breath he shouted [yes, shouted] at me:

"Dammit Skippy. I wish you wouldn't do that.  Jeeesus you scare the crap out of people with that laugh of yours.  I am glad you are such a happy person, but for cristssakes don't laugh like that, would you?"

Keep in mind I was only 27 years old. Those words hurt.  A laugh, my laugh, scared people?  I would be lying if I didn't admit to crying for a few days over that. Oh, and never laughing at work again.  I simply didn't want to scare piss him off again. Assh*le.

Pooldad couldn't figure out why I was reigning in my laughing. For weeks he would watch me stifle it and almost choke trying not to laugh too loud at his jokes and observations. This was darn near impossible because I can say unequivocally that my husband has the absolute best sense of humor of anyone I have ever met. Hands down.  He can make me laugh with one word, a glance or just a nod to life.  I wouldn't laugh tho'. Not the deep, belly, choking laughter he brings me to, nope.

I finally had to admit what had happened because I felt like I was being dishonest by not showing my true appreciation for one of the best parts of our relationship.  While I cried relating the story, he became more and more angry.  Pooldad rarely sees the bad in people, and doesn't rile easily, except when it comes to someone hurting me or the kids.   He told me that my boss was a jerk and I had a beautiful laugh, so I had best get back to using it soon or he would have to have words with Fred, my boss. I knew he meant it.

I also knew that Fred kept guns in his office. Big game hunting rifles. The man had a coffee table made out of an elephant foot [I wish I were kidding] So in the interest of keeping my beloved husband bulletholeless I quickly reverted back to my old self.

Laughing Skippy: Scaring small children and pets since 1972.

The reason I write this post is because that laugh had escaped me these past few years. Like many other things that are uniquely me I really hadn't noticed.  All my quirks, foibles and personality traits just slowly disappeared as my health began to deteriorate and since it didn't happen over night, just dropping away slowly over a long period, I guess we all forgot what I was really like, once upon a time.

Well, screw you Fred, because my laugh is back and whooboy does my ribcage ache. What a great soreness to have.  At first I couldn't figure out why my ribcage and stomach muscles hurt so much and then Pooldad/Wallene/Squirrel would say something hysterical and boom! I would start guffawing [there is no other word, really] and I could feel the burning in those areas.

Pretty cool, huh?

The kicker was a video we made to send to Squirrel at college. In the video we are goofing off and saying goodnight to her. I was the one filming, so I wasn't on camera, but there is no mistaking who it is the one laughing in the background. While we watched the video I put my head in my hands and said "Oh lordy, there's that damn laugh of mine. I have the worst laugh."

[Those words hurt, I told you.]

Pooldad just looked at me and said "No Skip. You have the best laugh and really? It's so nice to hear it. I didn't think we'd ever hear you laugh like that again. I love your laugh."

Evidently love is deaf as well as blind.

And grand. Love is grand my friends.  See ya' on the flipside! Love, Skippy


colenic said...

Love one should ever criticize someone's don't have anything nice to it as my grandfather used to say...
By the way- I LOVE the collage!
Hugs and love to all of you!

Juli said...

In this house, love is deaf, blind and has no sense of smell. :)

Barb said...

So glad you are laughing again! Your post is just what I needed. I too have stopped laughing due to PSTD in the last few years. Now I will try again to laugh more. Thank you so much for writing this!

Unknown said...

You go girl. Laugh away. Snort and guffaw. Laugh till you cry. They say laughter is healing, and I have no clue if that is true or is just a bunch of horsesh*t, but I don't figure it can hurt. I love being around people who aren't afraid to laugh and really let 'er rip. They are so much more fun to be around.

Gypsy said...

With Pooldad's attitude and support and love, you don't have to give a damn what anyone else thinks! Glad you got your laugh back!

Jean said...

People can be so cruel so easily. You probably do have a unique laugh - a true wonderful laugh that probably brings a smile to most people's faces. I also do not have a "beautiful" laugh. But it is a "great" laugh nonetheless and people remember it - fondly too. So fuck your old boss. He was probably just having a bad day - or thought you were laughing at him some of the time. We can really mess ourselves up when we believe what one person has to say. I know - because I am soooo messed up. I believed every bad thing ever said about me.

Southhamsdarling said...

Wonderful that you have your laugh back again. How dare Fred say that to you all those years ago. People can be such dorks sometimes! Laughter surely is the best medicine xx

CWMartin said...

Long as you don't sound like Fran Dreschler.... That laugh should belong to Fred's personal secretary.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Awwwwww. You made me cry. You really did.

I am so glad you're laughing again, and that you obviously have the best man in the world for you. 12:34

Mystic Mud said...

aw, that is so beautiful and sweet, Skippy!! You have one great man :) And that old boss....Pooldad is So right - he is a jerk!!!

Truckmann said...

So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter. ~Gordon W. Allport

Hugs and best wishes to you all


life in the mom lane said...

Fred sounds like an asswipe....

and Pooldad sounds like my hubby ;)

We are lucky gals aren't we Skippy?!

LOVE- LOVE- LOVE the collage!

Lyndylou said...

Fred is a total gobshite as we Scots would say!

Pooldad is ace though and I am glad your laugh has come back.

I lost my laugh when my ex and I separated and then again when my mum died. It's not til you are sore with laughing that you realise how much you have missed it.

Loving the collage, your blog is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have no sense of smell, so I am sure that's why my husband asked me to marry him!

Ah, love that your laughter is back!!

Hope the snow storms aren't too bad in your neck of the woods - I saw some parts could have up to 20 inches??!!