Monday, February 11, 2013

Overheard At Band Practice

Wallene was talking to her band teacher, Mr. D, about the upcoming marching band season.  Her friend Daisy came up to them and not being a student of his began asking a lot of questions.

This was the finish to the conversation:

Daisy:  "So Mr. D, I can't decide. Which should I do next year? Concert band or marching band?

Mr. D:  "Well, it depends. Which instrument do you play?"

Daisy:   "I don't play an instrument."

Mr. D [not missing a beat]:   "Flag."

Mr. D. Gotta' love him.

Amazing how the time is flying by Tadpoles, isn't it?
I hope everyone has their power restored and life is returning to your normal.  Looks as tho' another storm is coming later this week. I think someone needs to find Groundhog Phil and explain the concept of "early Spring" once more, don't you?
No worries.  We'll make the best of it as we always do - and in my case it is always warm in the Oscarz.  He is so warm I put almost 300 miles on him in the past 48 hours. YAY! Love drivin' my car. WOOT.
Pooldad laughed at me yesterday when I was driving him to the store.  I guess I was driving a little zippy, but he commented that it was unlike me, and Dale Jr. had nothing on me Sunday. ::grinning:: What can I say - Oscarz is FUN to drive.  3 hamsters and a rubber band at the ready. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I suppose I should get off to bed.  Poor Pooldad is so sick.  He is as sick as. . .well sick as someone who has a huge, honker head cold. I don't think I have heard him sneeze this much in all our years together.  He is such a good sick guy tho'.  As long as it stays in his head and doesn't travel to his chest [or us!] then all is well. He says he can handle that.  Still, sucks to see him so miserable.
Take care gang. We'll see you on the flipside. xo Skip
Orange Cake recipe is in the previous post.


Gypsy said...

I love the band story, a perfect example of quick thinking. So sorry Pooldad isn't doing so well - I hope he gets over it quickly. You both should be feeling great at the same time!

colenic said...

Poor pooldad...tell him to feel better soon!! Gotta love band directors...they know how to make a place for everyone!

Lyndylou said...

Aww poor Pooldad, hope he feels better soon x

Jean said...

Coulda offered air drums.

Poor Pooldad. Make him some chicken soup.

You sure do get around. I've no idea how long it would take for me to hit 300

ellen abbott said...

It makes me happy to hear you are felling well enough to go zipping around in Oscarz.

Tracy said...

Early spring just means sometime before the "Official" date of spring which isn't until March 21. And it feels like spring here (well not today but most days). :)

life in the mom lane said...

Sleep, chicken soup & ginger ale for pooldad!!! Tell him I hope he feels better!

Julie said...

Poor pooldad - he seems to have caught the lurgy that was doing the rounds in our house.
Mind you - it was kind enough to give us a few days grace and avoided the boys. Peter had surgery on friday morning and Paul was away to Dublin. But i think lurgy has decided to revisit - Paul is sniffling away and lou is bunged up - again!!!

Southhamsdarling said...

Poor Pooldad. I do hope that he feels better soon. Perhaps I should come over and rub his chest with some goose fat. That should do the trick! Loved the reaction of the music teacher! Hugs.

Juli said...

Happy to report that as of 5 hours ago all my peeps had power. Not to say that everyone does, but my particular peeps do. :)

And looks like the storm may more or less miss us... and honestly, we can handle 3 inches. It's the 50-80 mph winds that are tough.

Tell pooldad lots of water and listerine 6 times a day... it kills all the germs in the throat. :)

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