Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth is Thursday . . .

Cutting it close.

Truth is . . . I lost track of the days this week and didn't realize this was Thursday. It is now 11:44 pm [EST] so I am just in under the wire. :D

Truth is . . . we still don't have our correct health insurance.  They have insured Pooldad and me, but not the kids - and we have our Group number, but no one can seem to find OUR member number. The insurance is moot without the second.

Truth is . . . I spend a lot more time in bed each day as this progresses.  I just want to get to the doctor and feel better.

Truth is . . . bed is not a bad place to be.  It is warm. I am almost pain free if I lie still. The swelling goes down so I am much more comfortable.  I have cable TV and the bathroom is mere steps away.  Plus I get all the popscicles I want. I am constantly thirsty because of the meds and I not supposed to drink too much liquid, but the popscicles do the trick. [Sounds like I had my tonsils taken out. giggle I wish.]

Truth is . . .  I did get a chunk of our Christmas shopping done [on line] the other day. That was fun.  I love Amazon and free shipping. Woohoo!

Truth is . . . you can find darn near anything on Amazon, at a good price. Woohoo twice!

Truth is . . . Pooldad's four day work weeks begin this week. He has Friday and Monday off - 4 day weekend Tadpoles. ::skippyhappydance::

Truth is . . . we are making our Christmas cookies tomorrow [only 3 kinds this year] so we can get a tin off to Squirrel for finals.  [Okay, okay, I am there in an advisory capacity <----read:  laying on the couch & answering questions. Bonus - I am also taste tester. Good to be me.]

Truth is . . . thanks for all the nice comments on the snowmen. They are happy little fellas' aren't they?  I have to agree with  a lot of you that like the ones that are dancing. Those were two of the first ones that Pooldad ever gave me.  They're fun!

Truth is . . . time for bed. I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday.

Try to remember - tomorrow is another day. If you can, try to be happy that you are there to enjoy it.


Southhamsdarling said...

Love this post my friend! Hey, I loved the dancing snowmen, didn't I?! I really liked the last Truth Is today - try to be happy that we are here to enjoy the day. This is getting near the time of the year when we think of loved ones, both family and friends, that are no longer with us, and I do know how very lucky I am to still be here to see another season and another Christmas, and there's a lot to be said for that. I agree with you about Amazon. Most of all our family pressies have been bought from there. Free delivery and they are very good with their deliveries. This cookie making sounds like fun, especially with you being in charge from the settee! Sending lots of hugs your way from me to you x

Jennifer said...

Truth is...I hate hearing that you are in pain. Certainly glad to hear that things are coming along with the health insurance though. Hopefully they get it all straightened out soon. That type of thing can be so maddening.

Truth is...I love Amazon too! Just ordered my little guy some thermal socks there for winter hiking since I couldn't find them anywhere else. Thank You Amazon, and free shipping rocks!!!

Truth is...I read your post about Walmart shopping in Google Reader awhile back and I really wanted to punch someone in the face. Probably a good thing I don't come shopping with you. People can be so ridiculous sometimes! Okay, moving right along...

Truth is...You're pretty dang amazing and I'm truly inspired by the wonderful attitude you maintain through everything that's going on. This is something I'm really working on in my own life. I want to be more skippy, Skippy! :)

Truth is...I've rambled on long enough here. Have a wonderful day, Skippy. Enjoy your cookie tasting duties. My mouth is watering!!!

Juli said...

Truth is... Today will be a better day because I'm up and alive to enjoy it. And so are my kids, even though I'd like to strangle them right now :0)

Truth is... I totally want to share those cookies with you. Come on... I won't take but a wee bit of the corner of the bed and promise not to move.

I'll bring my own pillow!

I also would like to say that my word verification was "sings". How appropriate, that that is how I'll get through the day today.

Juli, the singing mail lady.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Truth is this is a great post. I like reading things that make me giggle.

Knitty said...

I love Amazon too, and today I wrote about RetailMeNot, a source for discount codes at many places.

I am way behind on visiting and commenting. Sorry about that. My snowman nativity is probably 10 years old by now. The pieces were bought at a gift shop by my sons. I don't think they are still being produced and if you find them online, they'll probably cost an arm and a leg now.

ellen abbott said...

big hug

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Truth is ... we're all sorry you're in pain.

Truth is... we're all grateful that you are you.

Keep on being skippy, Skippy! (I know it isn't always easy.)

Rudee said...

I'd say I'm a day late getting to this, but I have a few more hours to call it a day.

Have a great weekend. Feel better, soon!

Crystal Pistol said...

You are such an inspiration, Skippygirl. You have such an amazing attitude about life and the lot you are dealt. I can see you are grateful for the good things... like Amazon and free shipping and snowmen and cookies. I like those things too. :)

I'm sorry things are tough right now. I hope you feel better.