Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truth is Thursday . . .

Once again . . . Julianna's "Truth is Thursday."

Truth is . . . I forgot to add the link in last week. Sorry Jules. Now get your mojo back. We need you.

Truth is . . . I don't know if Julianna likes the nickname Jules.  I may get my behind kicked in comments. hee

Truth is . . . Y'alls comments in the last post had me laughing all day.  How did I get so lucky to have such funny friends? No kidding. Awesome.  Berber and Shag say hi

Truth is . . . my dog tried to drink the water out of my crystal vase with the roses in it.  It was on the coffee table.

Truth is . . .  a good scream scared him away from the vase [thank you Wallene] and the roses now adorn the kitchen. On higher ground.  Water whore dog.

Truth is . . . there will be no pumpkin carving/jack-o-lanterns this year.  First time ever. :(  The floods hit hard and decimated the crops, so we won't be paying $20 to carve up a pumpkin for one night.

Truth is . . . we have so many Halloween decorations for outside it won't make a difference.  Since we won't have real pumpkins we are going to make cut outs and paste them to the front door. Festive and cheap!

Truth is . . . honestly? I want to put my Christmas tree up now.  Silly isn't it?  I am not a holiday freak or anything, but my house is so pretty when everything is up and decorated. It makes me smile.

Truth is . . . I already have three snowmen hanging out in my den. One from Tee, one my husband gave me on vacation this summer and the one my MIL gave me for my birthday [bonus - the last one was holding 20 bucks] and they will stay up until their brethren escape sometime after Thanksgiving. Who can't smile looking at a snowman, c'mon.

Truth is . . . I am a bad fashion statement today. I am wearing vertical strips on the bottom and horizontal on the top.  I have to admit it, but it is one of Pooldad's favorite outfits. We make the sacrifice, eh?

Truth is . . . I am cheating this and wrote it at 11:45 pm on Wednesday.

Truth is . . . I don't have to be up in the morning because Pooldad has the vampire shift [3 pm 'till close] and will get up with Wallene..

Truth is . . .  I am ready for bed. See ya' on the flipside Tadpoles.  Keep smiling. It's worth it.


Lyndylou said...

Love this, makes me laugh. You're dog is crazy!

Julie said...

Thing is - our cat is crazier than your dog!!!
D'ya think they're related?!?!?!?
I love putting up my Christmas decorations, but always wait till about a week - 10 days before the day to actually do it. Peter gets obsessed with counting the sleeps, cos he then can count the sleeps till his birthday!

Juli said...

I wavier on the Christmas thing.

Small house means no space, Christmas means even less space.

Some year's it's up on Thanksgiving, others it's a week before Xmas.

I was actually considering the fake pumkins from Michaels this year. You can intricatey carve them and they last for years and years.

And the squirrels don't eat them...most of the time. :)

Jeannie said...

Dex is a water whore too but he tends to just go straight to the toilet. Now the cat goes for water in glasses - and flowers in vases.

My Halloween decor is nil. Christmas is mostly just the tree. I used to do more but something broke in me and I just don't care so much any more. It's work to set up and work to put away and no one seems to care regardless. I still love it when someone else goes nuts but it probably won't ever be me.

Shelly said...

I put my Christmas trees up in October because I, too, love the way the way the Christmas decorations look.

And hey, that satellite is supposed to come down tomorrow. Keep your head up-

Celia said...

We have a table top Christmas tree we use every year, because our living room is tiny!
I can't wait for Halloween!

Tracy said...

Snowman are the greatest winter decoration. I have more of that out for Christmas than other stuff because I can keep it out for months. Although I don't have any out right now, so I'm not sure what that says about you. LOL

Patty said...

I bet "Jules" is a more suitable nickname than "Jules-a-bug-Stinkweeder." Which is what I call the Julie in my life.
I've been listening to Christmas music all week (when my husband is at work.) I think it's the cooler air getting to my brain.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

We have a light-up fake jack o' lantern that says (in a very spooky voice, of course) "Happy Halloween ah-ha-ha-ha!" But alas, we'll probably have a cardboard cut-out Christmas tree again this year, too. We adopted our two kitties two years ago tomorrow, and with the way those two climb, we've opted out of the real tree. (sigh) On the other hand, the green cardboard Christmas tree cut-out, with bubble lights all around the perimeter is VERY easy to put up and take down!

Anonymous said...

Love your Thursday posts, they always bring a smile. Not long to go until Xmas and you can put up your tree :-) Great song!
Have a nice evening!

Rebecca said...

the truth is you always make me smile :)

Enigmatic Vapor said...

Great post. This was an excellent read.

Sandra said...

I think we should get a trend started and all start calling Julianna "Jules." I like it.
Ok, I've been a bad bloggy friend, and I do want to know what you said that warranted all the funny comments in your last post!