Monday, September 26, 2011

Just What Exactly Are You Trying to Tell Me?

""I subscribe to "Living Social" deals in my area. They send me daily emails offering  25 - 50% and more off of meals, entertainment and services local to me. It is pretty neat and a good way to save money when we want to see a movie or go to a restaurant we want to try.

The deals are usually geared towards my profile and I have received some nice offers. Cupcakes half off, concerts 60% off, a 25% coupon off at a local bistro.  Nice, right?

The last two days I think I received someone else's emails or Living Social is trying to tell me something.

Sunday I received an email for 50%  off 10 botox treatments. Huh?  Thanks a lot Living Social.  I don't think I need botox TYVM, nor would I ever get it, but I bet a lot of people around here scooped that one up. heehee

Then today I received my favorite offer ever. An offer I was tempted to send a long to my beloved Mother In Law just to make her laugh. [You can forward them to whomever you want and they can sign up too.]

"Buy one get one free - Pole Dancing Lessons." Yeah Baby!

Raise your hand if you laughed at the idea of Skippy on a pole.

What's next?  Adopt a puppy, get one free?


Juli said...

I also get living social deals.

Mine are all activities in Washington DC and Vegas.

Hello? It's not a deal if I have to spend $1000 in airfare to use it. :)

Jeannie said...

We have 2 area coupon pushers here. I never buy anything because - well - I never buy anything. My son & his soon-wife & hubby have.

Not for pole dancing.

CWMartin said...

Take pictures!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Skippy - that kills! Thanks for the laugh tonight. :D

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You may be good at pole dancing at least in your head you can be if not in real life, I am an awsome pole dancer in my

Teresa said...

LOL - i about snorted my coffee.

Rebecca said...

sorry i spit my coffe at you but this was to funny pole dancing i can totally see that. i hve to admit i love living social they help save money

Rudee said...

No, definitely don't take this up until you get a buy one and get one free deal on video cameras. I want proof.

Celia said...

I would like to see video of you and the pole.

Southhamsdarling said...

Oh my goodness! The idea of Skippy poledancing really did make me smile today!! Perhaps they'd heard about Skippy's happy dance and thought you might like to take it a step forward!! Hee Hee!!