Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder Why? Wednesday

More rhetorical questions for your enjoyment.  Since y'all had such great answers last week I thought I would bring you some more of my silly questions.

  • Why . . .  is a satellite hurtling towards the earth?  Did NASA not know how to stop this from happening?
  • Why . . .  can't they figure out WHERE it is going to hit?
  • Why . . .  is milk now $5.01 a gallon?  I miss Squirrel very much, but so glad she left for college.  That child drinks a lot of milk.
  • Why . . .  isn't Wallene out of bed yet?  She has to go to school. :excuse me for a moment . . . .WALLENE!:  Problem solved.
  • Why . . . isn't gay marriage legal in all states?
  • Why . . . have I been awake since 1:30 am?  And no, no "Bait Shop" movies this morning.  Just a lot of "Law & Order." 
  • Why . . . did my husband use carpet shampoo to wash the dog? [I know the answer to this one, and it is Friday's post, but I want to see if you guys can guess.  And NMM no fair telling the real answer.] 
  • Why . . . did I watch a marathon of "Toddlers and Tiaras" Monday night?  Although I blame Diane in some way for this - not only should those pageants not be allowed the show shouldn't even be on the air. omg. Trainwreck. 
  • Why . . . [I mean how] can my husband sleep 15 hours in a row and still not want to get up? He isn't sick and he has late shift, but really?  I want his teenage ability to sleep forever. 
  • Why . . . does anyone care about the "Real Housewives" of anywhere. Are they REAL housewives of ANYTHING? Rename the show already - "Money Whores of New York" works. 
  • Why . . . are there so many bad reality shows on TV? And why do they get nominated for Emmys? Supposedly there is NO acting, it is REALITY.  So the point would be?
  • And finally . . . Why are some people so insecure?  I can understand a lot of situations where insecurity could grab you, believe me, I go out in public on wheels, but the trying to "one up" someone to prove a talent you don't have is so silly.  
That's all I have for Wednesday Tadpoles.  Somehow I seem to be obsessed with reality shows this week, but honestly, they are everywhere and one is more stupid than the next. Sorry about that.
We'll see ya' on the flipside. We're almost to Friday! Woot!


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

(Sorry about the Toddlers & Tiaras thing. Very sorry.)

I'm with you on the wonderment of bad reality shows. And what's with the subject matter being jobs that no one wants to do, let alone watch TV shows about? Crap in a storage facility, truck drivers, parking meter cops . . . just kill me now.

Shelly said...

You gave me a great laugh this morning! I, too, was wondering about that satellite thing. They can track individual cells moving in a person's body but they can't accurately track a 6 ton satellite to tell us where it will hit??? I shall be looking upwards in the forseeable future to make sure it's not coming down on me!

that guy said...

i had the ability to sleep like a teen-ager as well.

as we age we need more time to repair our bodies when we do physical stuff.

and reality shows? i am gonna cash in on that she-ite. i have great idea...

just gotta get the right people to say yes!

then i can laugh all the way to the bank on the reality? (yeah riiight) bandwagon!

or not...seems like a lot of work...

ellen abbott said...

I never watch reality shows. I live reality. If I want to be entertained, give me make believe.

My guess is they are so popular because it shows the people who watch them that their life can be worse.

Celia said...

That satellite hitting the earth is pretty scary.

Tracy said...

Hate to say it, but milk was $1.89/half gallon here. Not sure what a gallon cost. Guess we have cheaper cows in Oklahoma.

The chances that the satellite is going to hit you is 50/50. Either it will or it won't.


Patty said...

I always feel like they make so many movies about how the world is going to end that they should know what to do about it. Call Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck and get 'er done.

Knitty said...

Why am I sitting here reading when I should be doing something else? (easy answer * rolling eyes *)

Why do I feel guilty for not being productive yet>? I am retired. I don't think guilt retires for women.

Why did you name dogs "Berber" and "Shag" if you didn't want Pooldad to use carpet cleaner on them?

Yart said...

You better copyright the name "Money Whores of New York", they might just steal it on you!....Thanks for my morning laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skippy, yet another funny post. Some interesting questions there...especially the one about the TV shows...don't know where they get all crappy shows from lol!

Have a lovely Day!

Teresa said...

LOL - i hear ya, especially on the sleeping angle. i'm like a flippin rotisserie - back to left to back to right to back to wth, just get up already!

Julie said...

It's a man thing - the ability to sleep ffffooooorrrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrrr!!!
And i have a dislike of reality shows too, but sometimes you just get sucked in one end and pooped out the other!!

Rebecca said...

i to wonder why milk is so expensive we go through 3 galloons a week with having 3 boys in the house

Enigmatic Vapor said...

So many questions... So few answers... So little time.

Juli said...

The real question is Why is Toddlers still on the air?

And WHY can I not find my blogging mojo?

Sandra said...

My husband and your husband could go for hours and hours without having to interact thanks to their ability to sleep for 15 consecutive hours in a row.
As for the satellite, to be precise, it's hurtling towards Canada. Should be reassuring to you, however, for us Canadians, saying it's going to hit Canada is pretty vague.