Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Pain, No Cane

Oh YES I did!

Date night:  October 22, 2010
Participants:  Pooldad, Skippy and Wallene [Yes we DO take our kid on a date with us.  It is still definitely a date tho' as she doesn't mind a little parental PDA and hand holding in public.]
Venue:  The movie theatre to see "Hereafter" [Thank you Rudee for the suggestion.]
Not in attendance:  My damn cane!


What an awesome evening. 

We don't go out much together [if you haven't noticed] because of financial restraints and the fact I am just too dang tired at the end of the day to want to leave the house.

But the other day I was reading The Knitting Nurse and she had a post about a close friend and how they were going to see the movie "Hereafter".  Rudee also included a clip which Wallene and I watched. After viewing it three times we both looked at Pooldad and said "Please?"  He readily agreed with the understanding that I had to feel up to it on Friday evening. 

So yesterday I did what I do best - which is nothing.  Yep - absolutely nothing all day and let me tell you it worked like a charm.  [Sounds selfish, I know - but you have to understand - it is energy conservation at it's finest Tadpoles and I have discovered I have it down to a science.]

Pooldad arrived home at 6 pm and we were out the door by 6:45.  I literally skipped* down the stairs to the van and needed no help to get into my seat.  In fact, the whole night, I didn't need any assistance at all.

The thing is I totally forgot to take my cane and didn't realize I didn't have it until I came home.  It is such another one of my appendages that it is not even a thought to pick it up and go.  I am used to having it at all times.  I guess we were in such a hurry to make the earlier movie I just moseyed on out the door without a second glance at the hall tree where I keep it.

Go me!

Actually that wasn't even the best part of the evening.  The popcorn [gasp!] wasn't even the best part - nope!
The very best part was a conversation Wallene had with her friends regarding their Friday night plans.  When Wallene told her girlfriends that she was excited about going to the movies with us to see "Hereafter"  they all screwed up their noses and said "Ewww - Why would you want to go out in public with your parents on a Friday night?"  She just laughed and replied "Because my parents are cool."  At first I think her friends were skeptical until the subject changed and they started talking about hair color.  Wallene mentioned that she colors hers all the time [4 times in the past year, I think?] and one of the girls remarked "Oh my parents would never let me do that."  Then another chimed in "Mine either. How do you get away with it?"  Wallene answered "Are you kidding?  My Mom buys me the hair color."  That is when we became cool to her friends. heehee.

Who knew a $5 box of Preference by L'Oreal [in Auburn] would do the trick?

*Okay, okay - I didn't "skip" - but I didn't have to take the stairs one at a time last night. Bonus!

Hope you all have a great weekend.  I have packages to mail out!  See ya' on the flip side.


Phelan said...


BB said...

See, that's what I mean. You appreciate something so simple and it means the world doesn't it? I know if I have a day where I don't have to take more than 1 pain pill I'm on top of the world. Good for you for going out as a family. Cherish those moments. Did your daughter tell you I discovered her blog by accident? She's too cute.

Jeannie said...


Yes, I too, found that I was a "cool" Mom because I didn't think hair colour and style and such was a serious issue. Come on! It's HAIR! It grows out, it can be re-cut! There were a few other issues as well that I didn't see the point of getting excited over. I don't know that kids really rebel so much as parents create it by being unreasonable and the kids just don't know when to draw the line after that. I don't mind saying that I caught a lot of flack from other parents. But then a lot of people had a problem with my purple hair too.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Big Score for you and Pooldad. You are so fortunate to have a kid who wants to spend time with you and not because you buy her's just cuz you did good.
And dang girl.....yay for you on the energy thang. Way to conserve your resources. You a goodie.
The Olde Bagg

colenic said...

That is beyond awesome. I am so glad that you had a good night and score for you in the good parenting column that you have a kid that wants to hang out with you....

Anonymous said...

Terrific you didn't have to use your cane!! So glad you had a great night out with your hubs and kid :D

Here is where the original buffalo chicken dip recipe came from - if you have never been to Big Red Kitchen, you better have a napkin nearby to pick up the drool after you see her wonderful eats.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

qandlequeen said...


I'm not sure I could keep up with a cane. I have a hard enough time not losing my purse! I can't tell you how many times I've waltzed out of a restaurant with my purse still at the table.

Rudee said...

I'm glad you had a good night and I hope the movie was good. We're seeing it tomorrow night--full moon Sunday. It's our new monthly date.

I'm glad your daughter likes to hang with you. She's very special, not to mention, blessed.

Teresa said...

Yay! That sounds like a lot of fun. I want to see that movie, too. We'll probably wait until it's on DVD or Netflix.

Glad that Wallene likes hanging with her folks. I knew she was special!

ellen abbott said...

Hooray for you!

And yep, cool parents are we. I helped my daughter dye her hair green when she was in high school.

TinaM said...

That is so GREAT! All of it! Being the cool parents of course, but mostly that you feel so good and had such a nice evening!
Here's hoping to more time without the cane!!!

life in the mom lane said...

*HUGE arm pumps from PA*
That is AWESOME!!!!
Hope the evening was fun!!!!! :)))

Sandra said...

Booyah!...or however it's spelled...that was just me trying to sound cool, and failing miserably.
So happy for you and the "no cane" date night!
As for the "cool parents" part...well of course! I'm so not shocked. tomorrow need to get to Walmart to buy mouthy 10 year old Loreal hair colour...

Yum Yucky said...

You totally fooled me on the skipping part - I had this vision in my head. But Booooyah anyways!!!