Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Five

Day Five:  Something you hope to do in your life.

Whew!  Finally an easy and fun question.

This is definitely a no-brainer.  

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Live and in person!

Ever since I was a little girl I have watched the Macy's Parade on television.  It would be on at my Grandparents' home and I would watch it in between helping my Grandma, Mom, aunts and sister cook dinner. 

I have forever been captivated by the huge balloons, the floats, the marching bands and the Rockettes!  It is just magical to me.  It always has been.  

When I first started cooking Thanksgiving for the family [1998 & my favorite holiday, btw] I would get up early and click on the TV, waiting for the beginning of the parade [8 am]. I would then pop the turkey in the oven and begin peeling, chopping, squishing and baking all the food for the day's festivities.  The day simply is not complete without the parade going on in the background.  Having kids made it even more fun as they would sit by me while I cooked and watch all the magic go by and occasionally yell "Mom, Mom come quick!  This band/musical number/balloon is so cool!"  We still do this - and they still shout out when they think there is something I want to see.  I think I spend more time in front of the TV then I do cooking anymore.

It has been my dream since I was a little girl to go to New York, stand on the street and just bask in something that brings me such happiness.  It does.  It really does!*  I swear I am smiling as I write this - that is how much fun I find this whole idea.

I used to have bigger dreams, I suppose - Alaska, retirement with Pooldad in an RV, grandkids - but life has a funny way of pulling you back a little and saying "Let's shoot for the smaller stuff first Skippy."  It isn't that I have forgotten those dreams or don't think about them but other things merit consideration and so my "Bucket List" has changed quite a bit in the past few years - well, really, in the past few months.  I don't mind because the lesser ideas, the shorter term goals, are just as exciting to me as something as grand as a vacation to Alaska.

Perhaps if I get my wish and I can actually go to New York to see the parade it will make me more confident that I will be around for our retirement and a couple of grandkids. 

One can hope.  I know I do. 

*This was my Sally Field moment. Forgive me. hee


life in the mom lane said...

I have always enjoyed the parades as well- you definitely need to do this sometime soon!!!

I think for me I'd rather watch it on TV- I don't think I would enjoy the crowds in NYC. :)

ellen abbott said...

I don't know about the crowds either but when my kids were small, a neighbor friend and I would take our kids to the parade in Houston.

colenic said...

Going to this parade is on my bucket list...but unfortunately no one else agrees with me....but I love watching the parade....

Jeannie said...

I am not thrilled with parades so much any more. Our city has an Oktoberfest Parade which I have never seen and a Christmas Parade I last saw when I was about 10. When I had the 2nd salon, there was always a Canada Day parade and a Veteran's Parade but it wasn't on Remembrance Day but they had no floats or balloons - but there were always lots of men in kilts playing bagpipes which slays me.

BB said...

Skippy...the more I get to know you the more I like you. This was a tradition for me too. That parade was the Thanksgiving celebration to this kid. Mom would be cooking and I would help between commercials! My absolute favorite part was when Santa came. That was the highlight of my year. Such happy times. Who knows,maybe you will be able to go sometime. But dress warm...NYC can be damn cold and windy in November!!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Oh there is nothing better in the whole world than feeling the drums of a marching band in your chest as they march by. I can't even imagine what it would be like at the Macy's parade.....wowwee wow wow. Shelley got to march in the Rose Bowl Parade but we didn't have the funds to go, but I did get to see her sweet face on a video of the whole deal.
I have no desire to go to NYC but I'd go and smile with ya if I could. XXOO The Olde Bagg....seventy six trombones...lalalala And I love me some Turkey day too. The only holiday where the only expectation is to eat good stuff and share it with someone. Perfection.

Teresa said...

I, too love to do my Thanksgiving day cooking while the parade is on in the background. I've never (ever) been to a live parade anywhere (unless you count the "end of the day" parade at Disneyland - but since that is a daily show, I don't really count that as a parade).

Anonymous said...

I just love your writing style - I smile whenever I read your posts - and your dream of seeing the Macy's parade made me smile - thanks for that! :D

Tessa said...

Hey Skippy, I'm back and loving reading your posts, you are such an exceptional writer. Funny, to the point and yet so compassionate about you topic of choice. Live your dreams Skippy, do it now, don't wait for spring. If this past week has taught me anything it is live for the moment. Big hugs!~!~!

Sandra said...

Just wait till the bedbug epidemic has died down a little...or if you do go, make sure you pull back the sheets on the bedding before putting your luggage anywhere near that room!
But other than that, I think that's a fine dream and one that is more or less easily attainable...AND would make for damn great blog fodder! See how my mind works? Are you a little scared of me now? xoxox

Yum Yucky said...

oh joy! Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I cook on that day now. But on my first hosted Thanksgiving, the turkey was still raw inside after hours of cooking. The oven caught on fire several weeks later..and then we replaced it. I can (slowly) take a hint. Duh!