Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Don't Call Her Bee [-yotch] for Nothin'

This is a post for Pooldad and me. I am keeping track and the best way to do it is my blog. Read if you like but trust me when I say it is so repetitious as to be coma inducing.

Bee called in sick, again. Today. She had late shift. Two late shifts this week and she can only manage ONE. Now Pooldad has to work both shifts today. Yet another 13 hour day. Sigh. Honestly - I don't care about him working these hours [I am used to it from his previous job] - but I will say it AGAIN - It needs to be FAIR. EQUITABLE. SANE. Feel free to pick an adjective.

This is her 3rd [4th?] sick day since the new year started [April 09] In addition to her 7 days requested off. Pooldad has worked 10/11 full shift days since April - in the Spring - the busiest time of year in the biz.

How many has Bee worked? Well - let's see. Pooldad was given one day off to balance all of her days off - but she didn't work both shifts that day. She worked her 8 hours.

Then Pooldad did call in the day we bought the car - and she worked - 8.5 hours! WOOHOO!

So Pooldad has worked 10/11 extra shifts to her ZERO. Heaven forbid she actually help any of her coworkers - twice.

And I am not going to repeat the saga of trying to switch shifts for Jr.'s graduation that we couldn't go to.

She needs to quit and she needs to quit now. This is ridiculous.

Funniest part of this was the following conversation between Pooldad and Bee:

Lee [co-worker]: Pooldad Bee is on the phone.
P/D: You are kidding, right?
Lee: Nope. Line 2
P/D: [picks up the line - no chance to say anything...]
Bee: OH Pooldad - I am sick. I have been up all night throwing up. I can't make it to work ...
P/D: [interrupting] No. You aren't sick. You are hungover from being out all last night drinking. Goodbye. [click]

Now I don't condone talking to co-workers like this - job security and all - but honestly? She deserves it and it IS true. Her co-workers know it and [more importantly] the owners know it is true, so I don't think he is any trouble for being rude to her - just honest.

It is sad really. Pooldad loves this work, loves the company and the hours - he just never seems to be able to work the ones he is given. Sigh. Bah. Meh.



Rudee said...

It always amazes me how slackers seem to know how to work "it" and how their behaviors are tolerated. Mind boggling.

Amy said...

I just don't get people like that.

Greenmare said...

and there are so many people who really need a job right now. not fair!