Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Go Ahead and Put the Ladder Right Back on Your Truck


My lovely landlord provided me with two different companies to get estimates from to repair our roof. We finally had a break in the rain and the first gentleman came out Monday. He climbed on the roof, surveyed it and then presented us with an estimate for $325.00. We are missing 18 shingles - so we thought "Hey, not bad." [Although the landlord thought it was too high.]

The second company sent their representative out today. He was prompt [yay!] and as he was taking the ladder off of his truck he was chatting with Pooldad. Pooldad explained that the other guy said it was 18 shingles and if he could give us an estimate to send to the landlord that would be great. [Pooldad obviously didn't tell this guy what the other guy quoted us.] The roofer said to Pooldad "Well be advised that the estimate is free but to come out and actually repair the room we start at $625.00, without even going on the roof."

Basically they are gouging us for a $625.00 TRIP charge, then they would tack on the repair.

I don't think so.

Y'all know we are in service and pool companies always have a trip charge - it discourages customers from whining too much and getting us to come out on a whim for, say, a dead squirrel in the pool. It is under $100 and it works. But $625.00 to show up to fix A ROOF - y'know that thing we need over our heads to keep us warm and dry? A necessary component of OUR HOME? We aren't calling them out for fun - or a dead squirrel - we need this done.

But not for the egregioius fee of $625.00 just to show up.

Pooldad looked at the guy and said "That is ridiculous. Why weren't we told that when we made the appointment?" The roofer responded "You should've been. But, yah...that's just to show up."

Pooldad smiled and kindly said "Go ahead and put the ladder right back on your truck. We won't be using your company. Thank you and have a great day."

Now I have to find another company to fit in between rainy days to come out and give us another estimate because the landlord still thinks $325.00 is too high.



Amy said...

First comment...I win.

That is crazy!!! You would think the way the economy is right now companies would think twice about price gouging (spelling?).

christopher said...

That is a little insane...

I'm with Amy, do they not know there is a recession going on?

BTW, nice usage of "egregious." :)