Friday, April 17, 2009

Wish, Wish, Wish

Scooby is coming home tomorrow!!!! WooooooooohoooooooSay HI to Scooby!
He is a 7 y.o. male Chesapeake Bay Retriever that needs a new home.
Guess who wants him? If you said "Skippy" you would be SO right.
I am asking all my tadpoles to please say a wish for me and hoping we give Mr. Scooby a forever home this weekend.
Isn't he gorgeous? That face? What a darling. If you have never touched a Chessie's ears you do not know what you are missing. I can just imagine their soft velvety texture. sigh.
Just say "Wish, Wish, Wish" one time each and I bet I have a new forever friend by Monday.
Please do this for me? You don't have to comment or say it out loud...just wish it, please? :)
Thanks. Scooby and Skippy thank you.


Marni said...

wish, wish, wish... for you.

If those ears are anything like a pug's I can understand.

Anonymous said...

That dog is a beauty. You will get it for sure.

Gizmo said...

WISH, WISH, WISH...for both of you!!!

I need to start making doggie treats!!!

Marni said...


RVVagabond said...

What a lovely creature--uh, Scooby, that is.

Wish, wish, wish!

Yvo Sin said...

Wish, wish, wish, it already came true :)