Thursday, April 30, 2009

[Color] Blinded by Your Love

[The origami wreath I was attempting to recreate in Christmas colors - This one was made as practice]

It goes without saying that I have a wonderful husband. True fact. One thing that Pooldad does for me and actually enjoys [don't ask] is pick up stuff at the craft store for my various craft projects and swaps. As long as I write him a detailed list he is fine and 99 % of the time he comes home with exactly what I ask for.

Then, there is that little bitty 1% where I just kind of look at him and say "Um, yah. ohhhkay." Yesterday he was off to the craft store, yet again, with a list. One of things on the list was a pad of scrapbooking paper in Christmas colors. I told him either Red/Green or Blue/White or Silver. Those are Christmassy right? The cute origami wreath would look great as a Christmas ornament made in those colors I thought. Add a little ribbon, a few jingle bells...nice ornament.
Well..........this is what he brought home:
[yes, the 70's just blew up all over your monitor]
It is lovely. No denying. But...the pages are patterns of blue, orange, green and white.
Did I mention Pooldad is colorblind? Hee. Yes he is. And I seem to forget that.
The kids thought it was GREAT! Oh, boy.
Now I can use this in other projects so it isn't a total loss and he doesn't have to return it.
But, seriously?


Greenmare said...

um, I guess he was going for those non traditional Christmas colors, right?

Rudee said...

Well I see you took down last night's vent-that's ok-she is still a rotten wench...

You could use the sheets he bought you as a Thanksgiving wreath. Giving thanks for a man who will go to the craft store for you should be number one on your list-even when he comes home with crazy stuff. No wonder you don't want to share him with his job. I wouldn't either.

SkippyMom said...

Yah, Rudy. Thanks for the comment on that post, but boy-o I was riled up and cursed a bit much for even me! LOL...

Greenmare - that would be about as untraditional as I could get, eh? But perhaps I could combine it with another holiday Mare suggests...hee.

Marni said...

I missed the post - darn it! I was wondering what happened to it.

I like that pattern and the colors... but not for Christmas. More like a b-day present for me? Wink-wink