Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy, Happy!

Yes, these are Polaroid pics, but my computer is being freaky and I wanted to show y'all just how big Mr. Scooby is.
To wit: My daughter is 5'1" tall. She weighs less. LOL And here is Spottie, in all her big dog glory, trying to be the same size.
She barely hits his shoulder blades. Hee!

For being as enormous as he is I have to say he is the most gentle, house trained, obedient and LOVING dog [my GOD this dog is loving....lapdog anyone?] that I have ever met.

I am so happy, happy I stumbled upon him to adopt and he is all ours.

He is so wonderful.


Rudee said...

That is one big beastie you have there.

Gail said...

Nothing like that unconditional love dogs always seem to have. Now if they could train the humans...

RVVagabond said...

So when did you trade the dog for a pony? Heh.

I firmly believe animals understand when they have been given a second chance and will do all they can to show you how much they appreciate it.

Greenmare said...

what a big ole lover! I'm glad you are happy together.

Yvo Sin said...

There's Spot! I was beginning to worry :)
Love it, and lapdog? Hahaha whose lap does he fit on?
True story, a friend of mine is 85ish lbs. (not an eating disorder) and had adopted a lab from puppyhood. So obviously he fit in her lap as a puppy but as he got bigger, he would still try to climb into her lap and she'd be like oof no you don't fit!!! hahahaa. He grew to about 65 or 70 lbs. (and might have even gone bigger) at that point... silly dog, he didn't understand why he didn't fit either :)