Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tadpoles ROCK!

Yes. Yes you do.

And I thank you. SO MUCH!

As a small token of how much your love and generosity over what you did for Squirrel means to me I am going to share a lil' video [1 min?] of our new neighborhood.

Now, I know that doesn't sound like such a treat - but here's the bonus - you get to hear me laugh.

Yes, that heinous laugh I am always talking about?  It's on the video near the end. It doesn't last too long, but you will get the idea of what I would sound like if I really got going.  And it is a little muffled from the windows being open.

And as one of you said "Thank goodness for a large lot, otherwise you might scare the neighbors with your laugh." hee

We were in the car when this was taken, driving down our new street.  You can hear Wallene talking, while videoing with me in the front. Steven was driving. Unfortunately, what you can't hear is the awesomely deep voice my husband has.

Here ya' go - and don't say I didn't warn ya!

The very last house you see is ours.

Listen to Wallene lament her dedication to walk to school and how many leaves she is raking in the future. Cracks me up! [UVA can't come soon enough for this kiddo!]

I sounds like it is the first time I am seeing the house.
It isn't. It just still takes my breath away that it is ours.

I know you understand.

And Tadpoles? You have helped me make this a wonderfully easy transition in my family's life.

You are my village POND.

Thank you. SO MUCH. xo Janine


Sally said...

I love it! All of it! I wish I had such a nice big lawn and so much space between all of the homes, and the trees!

(and the laugh!)

colenic said...

I LOVE it...I love hearing your voice...and you can here pooldad's...wallene is hysterical...
I can't wait to come visit...tell her that I will bring David andhe can help ya!

Unknown said...

That neighborhood and the trees and the street and the houses and the yards - it's all so beautiful! Enjoy!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Lovely neighborhood, looks very peaceful. Home. Happy for you!

Anonymous said...

"Oh the trees!" Love it Skip! And glad we could help make Squirrel's bday a little brighter!

Hugs, and love and Welcome Home!

lotta joy said...

"Movin' on the East side..."

"You've finally got a piece of the PIE!"

I miss my yard. I miss my trees. I miss having real dirt. I miss having space and fences.....

Where ARE you? I mean, what State?

Tony Van Helsing said...

Look how much space there is between the houses, incredible. Over here are are piled on top of each other.

Yum Yucky said...

hehe. Your laugh made me laugh. The neighborhood looks so beautiful and serene. Is Pooldad ready to mow all that grass? :)

Jean said...

I love your laugh. It's real.

Wallene: leaf blower

And Pooldad's voice? Well. I can see why you married him. Twice.

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