Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SO Much Better Than Cable

While on Facebook yesterday I happened to mention just how much we have to get done in the 10 days until our move.  Including, but not limited to, finding a moving company.

Additionally, we have two major birthdays coming in the next two weeks.  Squirrel turns 21 years old tomorrow and Wallene will be 16 years old two days after she starts her new school.

Anyhoodle, I spent a large portion of my day sitting on the back porch on the interwebz and the phone attempting to get something accomplished.  It may be cold and rainy here [all the time], but I like being outside.  There is a screened in porch to keep us dry and it's so nice to see the trees, the golf course, the. . . Wildlife.

Here is my second update from my "Day O' Moving Chores":

Let's see how this whole "Finding a reputable mover" thing is working out for me, eh?

Here is an email I sent Steven today while I was getting quotes and talking to companies:
"I just saw a squirrel fall 30 feet out of the tree in front of me.


Shot right past my view off of the screened porch.

These two squirrels have been kicking each other's ass all day, dropping down branches, leaves acorns, in their pursuit of eachother - and  this guy missed his branch chasing the other squirrel AND BOOM!

He is STILL sitting on the ground, stunned.

Well played other squirrel. Well played."

 Surprisingly? I still haven't found a moving company.
I actually walked to the edge of the porch to see if the lil' guy was dead. He hit the ground that hard.
But, nah, like I said, he was just stunned. 
But?  I couldn't resist and being the little kid I evidently am, I started laughing at him and saying "Yeah, you got told Squirrel. Told good, didn'tja'?"
National Geographic and the Discovery Channel have nothing on *my* wildlife.
Hope you are having a great Tuesday.  We'll see ya' on the flipside. xo Janine


colenic said...

Well...happy happy birthday to Squirrel if you will pass along my wishes to her...
Good luck with the moving company...i was going to suggest two men and a truck cause my parents just used them and were really happy- but sounds like you have tried that route already....Are we doing a cbirthday card drive for Wallene again??? I am sure that you will do up her birthday in classic skippy style- just might be a few days late!! Love you!!

Jean said...

Gee - another move - so soon. I'd be curling up in a little ball and telling everyone to wake me up when it's over.

At least you never really had to unpack everything in your current location - but still - more than if you'd just gone on a holiday for a couple of weeks.

Hope you find your truck - this has got to be one of the major moving times out there - everyone wanting to be in place for the new school year.

Julie said...

I'd much rather watch the squirrels than find a moving company!!
Maybe the squirrels will help you?!?!?
(says she - laughing at the mental image of 2 squirrels fighting and one falling out the tree!!)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sounds to me like your priorities are just about right. I mean, if you'd been studiously scouring the internet for a moving company instead of admiring the view, you would've missed that squirrel doing his Wiley Coyote impression past your window! How many times will you ever have THAT opportunity again, huh?

Hopefully, this will be your last big move for a long long time, and a perfect moving company rep will come knocking on your door. (Hey! If you're gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!)

Lots of terrific stuff going on with your family. Happy birthday to your girls. Take care. 12:34

Anonymous said...

I think you are just trying to commune with the squirrels like me Skip!

Dare you take a picture six inches away from one! Wait, I take that back, no need you getting rabies before the move!

Hugs and love, Biz

Unknown said...

I can totally relate to your squirrel story. I'd always rather be outside or looking out there than in the house. Any day.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Awesome story. Just about anything is better to me than cable though. I plan to incorporate "anyhoodle" into my everyday language. Thanks.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy. That was such a funny story about the squirrel. I don't suppose you have a covered in porch in your new house - ? As you like being outside, you will have to come up with something!! Hope Emily has a happy birthday today. E-mail has been sent! You really are such a loving thoughtful mum! Hugs.

Juli said...

When I lived in Fl I had a 250 gallon salt water fish tank. We had a shark, an octopus, lion fish, eels, and multiples others... I was talking to someone about something that happened in the tank and she looked at me and said "OMG it's like National Geographic in your living room!"

I miss my friend Shirley... she was so funny. :)

Now a days, we just have squirrels plotting their revenge for downing the tree out front and poking their babies while in the nest they made in the garage (it was an accident I SWEAR!) They throw nuts at us from the trees...

Celia said...

Damn! Moving sucks! I hope this house is the last move you have to do.

I'm glad your squirrel is okay. Wow! Resilient little sucker.

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