Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Interupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You. . .

The Amazing Wallene.


And there is a story to go along with this pie.
Of course there is a story to go along with this pie.
It's my blog Tadpoles.

Pooldad and I were going over to his parents home for a visit last night.  Being me I thought it would be nice to take them one of my apple pies. And wouldn't a pie for us be nice too?

Yep, "last minute Skippy" thought making pies at the end of the day was a good idea. ::grinning::

In less than 1 hour I managed to whip up two pretty nice pies. I wrapped one up to take on our visit to be baked there and the other I put in the oven, with specific instructions to Wallene to take it out of the oven in exactly 45 minutes.  I have made so many apple pies since I mastered the art of pie crusts that I know this is a no fail baking process for them. You don't have to check them or cover the edges. Nothing. Just stick it in and take it out in 45 minutes.

Easy peasy, right?

On our way to the in laws I texted Wallene to ask how she was doing and inquire as to the status of the pie.
No response.
I texted again.
I phoned her.
No answer.
Now I was getting really worried because Wallene ALWAYS has her phone and ALWAYS answers it.  I thought she might have slipped or burned herself or [insert Mother's worse nightmare scenario here] and you know I how frantic I was becoming with each passing mile.
I texted her again - this time writing "CALL ME NOW. I AM WORRIED."
Still, nothing.
I told Pooldad that if she didn't answer by the time we arrived at his parents home we would deliver their pie, give them a kiss and head back home. 
I also told him that either something was wrong with our daughter or she had screwed up the pie.

Two guesses. The first one doesn't count.

Wallene finally rang me back and Tadpoles? She sounded so sad. So heartbroken when she told me she had forgotten about the pie. It had burned. Crusty black and ruined. Sigh.
I told her I wasn't mad. It was just a pie and I could make another one in no time.  I told her not to worry, we would be home in a while and I would make more pie.

Here's the amazing part.
While we were gone Wallene, who has never baked in her life; who has never made a pie crust or a pie filing; never rolled out anything with my 10 lb+ marble rolling pin, MADE HER VERY OWN APPLE PIE. She rode her bike to the store for another bag of apples, and before we arrived home she had replaced the one that was burned. wow.
We walked in the door at 10 pm to the delicious aroma of fresh baked apple pie. Not the burned smell I was anticipating from my pie. Nope.  It smelled so yummy in our home.
And I was shocked.
A real, honest to goodness homemade, from scratch, down to the last detail, apple pie.
Oh, and a clean kitchen. ::grinning::
If you have ever baked a pie from scratch you know what an accomplishment this is for a beginner. A beginner who did not have a single person around to ask or call for advice.  I have never taught Wallene a thing about making pies, she just likes to hang out with me when I do.  Obviously she was paying rapt attention because gang this pie is so, so, so, so delicious. The crust is so flaky. The filling is cooked to perfection with a wonderful mix of spices she chose. [She explained to me later that my "recipe" is ::ahem:: sort of vague. hee Hey, it's written in my shorthand.]

We ate warm pie and kept on exclaiming over the taste and the fact that she did it.
All by herself.
She has accomplished so many things that make us proud. School, marching band, blue ribbons for her photography and I have to say I could not be more proud than I am right now about her and her pie.
[My blog. My daughter. I get to brag. :D]
I don't know who is more excited.
Wallene, because she did it all by herself; me, because I am off the hook if anyone wants a pie; or Pooldad, because two of us baking means double the apple pies for him. YAY!

See ya' on the flipside Tadpoles. I have pie to eat. OH yah. . .


Juli said...

That is awesome. :) Not pie related but the other day Youngest and I were in Target and I of course needed to use the bathroom. While I was in there, he went over to the section he needed, selected the i tunes card, went to the register and waited.

It was only like 830 am so they were all having a meeting near the store front. A cashier looked over and went to help him... she said "why didn't you say something? you could have been here for hours..." He said "I didn't want to interrupt." He paid for his stuff and was waiting for me out side the bathroom.

He just turned 11. While I know this is a small thing (spec. compared to pies) it is huge, as I know very few kids that could/would feel comfortable doing this all by themselves.

Independence is a grand thing.

life in the mom lane said...

You're right people who do not bake really don't understand what an accomplishment this was!Good for her!!!!

Shelly said...

Now that is wonderful! She is amazing~

Tracy said...

Well she is way ahead of me. It took me almost 40 years to make an apple pie and forget the pie crust. Storebought is the only way to make a crust in my house.

Good job!

Jean said...

What an awesome kid you have! Not just that she can bake a pie just like that! but that she did it to correct her mistake is incredible. I love her so much. Give her a giant hug for me.

Speaking of pie - as I said in my email - I have to make a cake today. Graeme reminded me yesterday of April's birthday - (I'm so retarded) and asked/told me to make a cake. Or Pie he says. I said cake would be easier as I have ingredients for that - I'd need to shop for fruit - and hey - no car. He says - What about beef?
Can you imagine a BIRTHDAY BEEF PIE?
No. Me neither.

Anonymous said...

Oh Skip, this post had me grinning from ear to ear - hooray for Wallene making another pie! (and you can brag all you want - its your blog!)


Carolyn said...

Wow, that IS a great Apple Pie Post! What a proud momma you are :)

CWMartin said...

I am too impressed for snark. Not only pretty and talented, but a really good kid. All concerned: ya done GOOD.

Unknown said...

Oh wow. I'm glad she didn't have a fire in the oven. But really, I'm just thinking about wanting some apple pie. Right. Now.

Unknown said...

What a nice surprise that was for you to get home to a house smelling of newluy baked pie...mmmmm...Well done Wallene!! Enjoy your day!

Greenmare said...

awww such a sweet post!! good job to both of you! you for being the pie role model and fabulous child for paying attention! A+++

Celia said...

My apple pies look like mud pies. Good for you to be able to teach someone. You're an awesome baker.

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