Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Late To the Party

I noticed that quite a few of you are doing the A - Z challenge.  It got me to thinking what could I post about for 26 days that would be fun and useful?  I really couldn't think of a theme or something super cool [like Juli's 26 days of Pinterest] so I forgot about it. Until I started to bake this weekend and realized in the lead up to April 1st I had covered the first 3 letters of the alphabet by making these desserts:

Apple Pie
Blueberry Cake
Chocolate Cake

Then I thought, "But Skip you aren't a food blogger." True. True. So what?  The more I thought about it the better the idea was because it would accomplish two things.  First, it would make me get back in the habit of posting everyday as I have been kind of sucky at that. Secondly, I would finally get around to writing down all the recipes my kids have been asking for since they all started to grow up and move away from home.  As an added bonus I know of a website that makes your blog posts into books.  This will make it easy for me order one for each of the kids for Christmas.

How's that for cool and multi tasky?

I won't be posting all dessert recipes tho'. I think I will toss in some of the kids' favorites from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks too.  I know that if I was to post all desserts I would be forced to make them all and I really don't need that kind of temptation around for a month. ::grinning::

I will be working on getting  A, B, C and D up later today, but will have to be fashionably late with the first three I listed above.

Smile loud Tadpoles! Life is a gift. See ya' on the flipside. :) Love, Skippy


ellen abbott said...

that's a great idea. it took me about a year and a half to do my alphabet.

Jean said...

Good idea. I mean, if you've gotta cook anyway - this just means you've got an extra reason. I just wonder what you're gonna do for x and z.

I hate committing to anything so I'm not going to.

Unknown said...

Would you be willing to share the website that publishes a blog into a book. My mother wants a hard copy of my first year of blogging. Thanks!

Juli said...

"I am not a food blogger"

Um, who cares? I am not a super crafty, food bloggy, home scientist style blog either, but yet I chose to do that theme.

It's fun...the only downside is that I normally vent my days or celebrate our successes. Now I am writing the posts as they come to me and dating them for May with a disclaimer. *sigh*

So I say DO IT!!! Even though my waistline may hate you later for it. But hell, I ran 4.25 miles today and only sucked in about 1100 calories today (I wasn't hungry) so bring it on Skippy!

Juli said...

Jill... I think the website you want is just be sure to check every post if you use imported pictures... sometimes they import into the book as little empty boxes.

Gypsy said...

That's the first time I've heard of A-Z blogging, but it sounds intriguing. I'd think about it but have a difficult enough time as it is coming up with topics to write about. I'll be interested to see your posts and foods.

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