Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who Are You?

And what have you done with Pooldad and Skippy?

It's official. We have lost our minds.  Nah, just kidding - but [always a but] I have something fun to share with you.

You guys know, well most of you do, that Pooldad and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We are of the belief that we have 365 days a year to say I love you and make the other feel special and loved, why do we need a specific day to make it happen? In fact we find Valentine's Day a little sad because if you have to wait until that one day to tell the person you love that you do love them well then what does that say about your love for another?

Besides all that - the pressure. Who needs the pressure of a day to profess love? bah

Oh, and something else about February 14th I have never mentioned?  It is Pooldad's first wife's birthday. [May she rest in peace]. Although that never played a role in our decision to not celebrate it - I didn't know this tidbit until a few years into our marriage - the day became somewhat of a joke with her attached to it. [She is a whole other story - but most of you know the crazy that she was before she passed.]  She is gone now, and as I said, we hope she rests in peace, but I don't know if he being gone, gone doesn't play a small part in today for us.

Or is that we are approaching two decades together? Is it because with everything that has gone on in the last few years that maybe we DO need an extra special day to show the other what they mean to us? Or do we just want an excuse to decorate the house, eat a themed dinner and invite Cupid over for a glass of sparkling cider?

Hmmmm - I don't know Tadpoles, but something is in the air. Most definitely.

It started with me overhearing my husband tell Wallene that he had to get out and buy me a Valentine's Day card. Color the kid shocked because she said "But I thought you and Mom didn't . . ." It will be the first one he ever gave me. ::grin:: Of course dinner is planned. We always do a red dinner and red dessert, but I am taking Pooldad lunch today. Any guesses?  Yep - a heart shaped pizza with his favorite toppings and red velvet cupcakes to share.

What? Too much? ::laughing::

The best part?  Pooldad left for work today dressed in a red hoodie. Unheard of I have to admit.  He doesn't wear red as a rule since he is a bit of a redhead, and I have no earthly idea where this new hoodie came from, but he was wearing it well I must say.

Looks like my husband has upped the ante for this particular holiday, yes? 

And it appears as tho' Skippy better get cracking.

A red mani pedi is just a start my friends. Just a start. ::sigh:: Gosh, it just feels so good to feel so good, doesn't it? But I will have to think of other "stuff". I am a wee bit out of practice for this day.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and you are as appreciated and loved by those who mean the most to you as I love and appreciate every one of you.  I do!

Happy Valentine's Day Tadpoles. Thanks for all the well wishes for my husband [they worked!] and we'll see ya' on flipside.

Love XO Skippy

PS: Please read the comments - JILL WINS for the BEST Idea EVER! Love it!


Carolyn said...

Happy Valentines Day (or not! hehe!)
And Pizza for supper sounds DE-lish, think that's what we'll do tonight. Maybe even order OUT!


Tony Van Helsing said...

I always thought the idea of Valentines Day was to inform someone who didn't know you fancied them that you were lusting for them. I can't imagine not telling my wife that I love her regularly but I know some people who find it hard to say those words, even to the people they live with.

Unknown said...

Have fun with however your day unfolds. I hope it will be very special for both of you. I think the more in love you are with your mate, the harder it is to NOT make more and more days special. I am going to pack up a picnic lunch and ask my husband to drive us to the location he proposed to me 35 years ago.

colenic said...

Have fun celebrating your "first" Valentine's Day.
Hubby and I decided not to do anything this year except for cards, although I haven't bought his yet (bad me!)
I am sure that something special will occur but just not quite sure what that will be yet.
Have an amazing day! Hugs!

Julie said...

He he he!!!! We don't do big things for valentines day - a card and some chocolate, but no dinners!!
Mind you. since 2 of my 3 children have celebrated with food today, i'm giving in and buying chinese!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post! Yep, my hubs surprised me with a basket left in my car of lots of cheese and hot shit - how did he know I liked spicy shit?!

Sending big hugs your way - next time I make pizza I am going to make it heart shaped!

Southhamsdarling said...

Well , well! Skippy and Pooldad are making it a first and celebrating Valentines Day! I just love that, and the heart shaped pizza. I hope your day is super special, filled with love for you two very special people. I'm here at daughter number 2's house, babysitting whilst they go out for a meal! I did have a lovely card and huge box of chocolates this morning :)

Tracy said...

What a cute pizza. And you can only do that when you make your own crust.

I am wearing a red shirt today in my feeble attempt to be festive. I did send e-cards out. And of course two cards to Whitney at college because that girl loves mail and I couldn't decide between the puppy one or the daughter one. So she got both. Oh and I broke down and ordered her some earrings yesterday for her so she would have a present.

Sally said...

Working in the schools, I almost always do something for Valentine's Day at some point during the day. Although, at a lot of my schools, they are many of them that are not having the parties anymore -- too many food allergies and whatnot. I think the children still pass out cards, though.

I did wear red, of course. My husband and I were supposed to go out to dinner, but as he has had a fever for the last several days (and stayed home from work today-which is highly unusual), we will be staying home this evening. So far this "year", I was sick on New Years so my husband had to get take-out for himself and it looks like we'll be having take-out tonight, too.

ellen abbott said...

Happy Valentine's Day Skippy!

CWMartin said...

Does this mean I should take out my valentine to you that'll be on Time Machine Friday morning?

Celia said...

Sorry I didn't didn't stop in yesterday. Happy Valentine's Day!

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