Friday, December 7, 2012

Wish Me Luck! :/

I just wrote the wordiest post - It was wordy even for me, so you know it was wordy - and then I deleted it in favor of bullet points.

Believe me, you really should thank me. heehee

  • Tonight is Pooldad's office Christmas party at a fancy restaurant.
  • Key word: fancy
  • We have to dress up.
  • I have lost 27 lbs since July.
  • I now weigh 107 lbs.
  • [I threw my scale out the window.]
  • I used to wear a 4, but now I wear a 2.
  • [Then I dropped a big honker rock on it.]  
  • I have nothing to wear.
  • It was so difficult to find the few size 4 pieces I bought for fall.
  • I am without hope of finding a size 2 in something dressy and age appropriate today.
  • In the next 8 hours. 
  • I have about 2 hours of reserved energy.
  • I haven't slept well, I am in constant pain and I feel defeated before I have even gotten dressed.
  • I truly want to do this right, I WANT to look pretty for Pooldad [I know it sounds silly, but I want to make him proud].
  • I don't want to look sick and gaunt.  My color is good. . .but . . .
  • I'm asking for the impossible.
  • Instead of a fun shopping trip I am depressed at the thought. 
  • Really, terribly depressed. And crying.
  • I hate being me right now. And I hate admitting how awfully sad I am.
  • I hate being sad over a piece of clothing. . .but . . .
  • This is about so much more than the dress.
  • Wish me luck?
They say there is such a thing as "shopping therapy".
Well then? I hope this is a very, very good session.

See ya' of the flipside Tadoles, [of what I suspect is going to be a complete and utter meltdown in the dressing room at Nordstrom's. ::wink::]


Shelly said...

You are beautiful, and that beauty will shine through no matter what you are wearing. I'm sure Pooldad is going to be the proudest man there with you on his arm. Big hugs to you!

Celia said...

I hope you find something really nice to wear.

colenic said...

I am positive that you will find something that will be just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
Macy's is a good place as well.
hugs and good luck!!

Unknown said...

I will put in my request for a little miracle for you today.

Yart said...

Skippy, I think that Pooldad would think you looked good in a sack! LOL! I have faith that you will find something and not only find something but something amazing! You will dazzle them with your charm, brilliance and grace... Good Luck on the Hunt! :o)

Rudee said...

I hope the perfect outfit jumps right into your hands the moment you enter the store.

life in the mom lane said...

It won't matter what you wear my dear because he will see you through HIS LOVING eyes-I understand how you feel though, at my heaviest I still wanted to be "pretty" for hubby. But you know what- he told me last summer when I commented on how I wished I looked like I did in my early 20's and was bemoaning the wrinkles etc... He said "I think you are MORE beautiful now that you were back then". And he meant it... made me cry. So you see my dear friend- it won't matter what you wear, because that is how Pooldad feels about you! :)

Aren't we lucky gals? :)
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
Hugs & kisses Duke Mom #1

Gypsy said...

I understand how you feel because about 3 wks ago I was down to 107/108#, but I still wore my size 10 clothes! Good luck on finding something you love and feel good in.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above. Don't worry you will have fun at the party.

ellen abbott said...

Oh sweetie, I wish the perfect dress for you. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I thought things were improving.

Juli said...

I wish I was closer I'd make something for you. :) I lost 20 pounds... still have 29 to go. Wish I could give those to you as well. (((HUGS)))

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Without a doubt, Pooldad is already proud of you and thinks you're beautiful, no matter what you wear. Still, I understand you wanting to find something to wear that makes you feel good about the way you look. I hope you found it, sweetie. 12:34

Yum Yucky said...

I hope you tears have dried and that you enjoyed the party. I'm sure you looked beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Oh Skip, hopefully you found something, but you know all Pooldad cares about is that you are by his side, not what you are wearing. Big hugs!!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I predict that what already happened was that you found the perfect size 2 dress and you looked fabulous and Pooldad said, "Rawr!" and you had a marvelous time. Also, your color is good? I'm jealous. I feel fine and my color sucks.