Saturday, December 1, 2012

That'll Clear A Room

I probably shouldn't write this post.  I know Pooldad is going to be mortified that I "ratted" him out and ::gasp:: actually made him look less than the wonderful, perfect, glorious husband everyone thinks knows he is, BUT. . .

My NEW car.


We keep Oscar in the garage because it is below 25 degrees in the morning and when I leave at 6:15 am he is significantly warmer [oh, by about 30 degrees] so it is really nice to not have to heat him up on my two mile drive to church.  Unfortunately [for Oscar] I wasn't in any shape to get out of bed and put him in the garage one night so Pooldad went ahead and did it for me.

HooBoy! Did he.  Realize [please] that Oscar is a sub-SUB compact car. He is smaller than a sub compact. [Figured that out all by yourself didn'tja? giggle]  He is not only not wide, he is not long, so I still have no idea WHY my husband thought it was a spectacular idea to look BEHIND him, out the back window, instead of in the TWO side mirrors [to line Oscar up] while backing into the garage.  When Oscar is backed into the garage he can be parked and almost accommodate another Chevy Spark.  Alas, Pooldad didn't check the side mirrors, which would have confirmed that he was centered [or not] in the doorway, thus providing several inches [or not] on either side for clearance. Nope, he tossed his right arm over the passenger seat and while steering with his left hand watched through the back window at the back wall of the garage.  God only knows how fast he was going because. . .that sound of shattering glass and crunching, molded plastic?

THAT would be Oscar's driver side mirror disintegrating.  He was going fast enough [backing UP!!!!] that he couldn't have stopped when he heard an initial scrape - which he would have heard IF HE HADN'T HAVE BEEN GOING SO FAST and NOT LOOKING.  He would've had a chance to stop before close to a $1000 worth of damage had been done to the car.

When you are backing Oscar [not our mini van, our sub-SUB compact car] into the garage you don't worry about length - you worry about width.  That is what is driving me bananas about the whole thing.  Oh, that and the almost 1,000 dollars that we are paying out of pocket so our rates don't go up or we get cancelled by our insurance company.


[You should've seen the kids clear the room when they saw Dad come into the bedroom to tell me. They already knew he had done it and they skeddadled faster than a scurry of squirrels being chased by Spot.  In all fairness I simple sat there, in mute shock. When I didn't say anything Pooldad left the room and I cried.  I know, I know - "first world problems" and all that bullsh*t, but it really hurt because I rarely get new things and Oscar means more to me than just being new. He IS my independence.  So, yes, it hurt.  And I didn't actually raise my voice at Pooldad until he tried to talk to me again -before I feel asleep- about it and I yelled through the bedroom door to leave me alone.  I didn't want to say anything mean while I was still upset and he wanted me to make him feel better. I wasn't quite there yet.]

Since I can't justify exchanging gifts or budgeting for the annual "Snowman a Day" in December thing we do, I decided I would go ahead and replace my wedding set.  The wedding set I had to sell many years ago to afford payroll at a company we were management of, for which I was never reimbursed [that's a whole other story, but I digress.....].  Anyhoodle, I do have my wedding band and a stunning diamond engagement ring from my Mom, but I went ahead and bought this set:

My original set was 18K gold and had a gorgeous marquis cut center stone with a wrap comprised of smaller diamonds.  The set I bought this time is pretty too, but I chose a platinum setting instead. The diamonds aren't real - OF COURSE they aren't real. I'm not crazy with that kind of bill staring me down - but hopefully they will look just as nice.  They are simple CZs - and like I said, the rings look pretty to me.

So, that's it in a nutshell for this week.  Please go ahead and leave your comments for poor, poor suffering Pooldad and tell me that it was just an accident, and he didn't mean to do it, and all men are goofy sometimes and to cut him some slack and whatever else you care to, mmmkay? [You know you want to ::wink::] And just because I know everyone is curious ::ha!:: he is no longer on the couch where he SELF exiled himself, okay?

I hope you have a great weekend.
I'll be in the garage. Putting band-aids on my car. ::sinff-sniff::
See ya' on the flipside Tadpoles.


colenic said...

OOh....pooldads in trrouble.. (wink)
I am sorry about your car. He really must feel terrible. I know that car meant way more to you than just a set of wheels. Hopefully you can get it fixed quickly.
I love the ring's gorgeous..
Hugs and love to you!!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your precious car, but hopefully you'll have it fixed quick enough.
Wow...that ring set is lovely! Having a chillaxing weekend here at my end.
[love is in the air lol] Enjoy your weekend too my friend.
Big hugs to you xx

Carolyn said...

Oh NO! OSCAR!!!!
Nice ring though :)

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Hope Pooldad is out of the doghouse soon. When my husband does something like that, I'm just grateful it wasn't me.

CWMartin said...

I hope his aimis better in the bathroom...

Mystic Mud said...

So sorry about Oscar:( I like the new ring set though.....very pretty:)

ellen abbott said...

Oh. Man. Bummer. But at least it was only a rear view mirror. Could have been so much worse.

Celia said...

Oh gosh! I'm so sorry about your car.

Greenmare said...

oh man, that just SUCKS! Lately I am realizing that sometimes a person does not want to hear the platitudes, or the "thank goodness" stuff. sometimes you need to hear how sucky what you are going through is so you can validate the fact that you feel bad. then you can get on with it on your own terms and in your own time.
so...... that SUCKS a lot.

Sally said...

ugh! That's crummy! I don't really understand how stuff like this happens... my friend has busted the mirror off of her car TWICE while backing out of the garage :-/ Of course, I also scraped the side of my husband's truck while I was backing down the drive because I was too busy talking to the neighbor, soooo....

Yum Yucky said...

So now that I've lifted my jaw up off the floor, I'm feeling terribly bad for both Oscar AND Poolbad. Yep. I said "PoolBAD". heeeeeeeee

life in the mom lane said...

Well doesn't that suck?
Usually I am the one who does something stupid so I can commiserate with Pooldad, but at the same time I have had kids screw up so I understand your anger & frustration.
There's no right or wrong answer here- the situation just sucks... :(

LOVE the ring!!! I do love me some bling!!!!!
Hang in there Oscar will get better and you will be zipping along in no time! {HUGS} & {band aids for Oscar}

Jeannie said...

Blogger sucks. I only just now saw this post and I always scroll backwhen I check for new posts. Sorry.
Poor Oscar. Bad Pooldad - there's no slack for me to cut. Women are supposed to bethe daft drivers. So I'm just going to wag my finger at Mr. Sillyhead. And give you a hug for your suffering.
Damn. But shit happens.
See I'm all forgiveness already. Pooldad gets a huge too.
I love your ring. Cz's are just as real to me as diamonds. Like cultured pearls. It would break my heart to have to give up my engagement ring to meet payroll. I'd give up my car first. You are a remarkable woman.

I hope you found a dress. Wish I'd been here in time to put in a word with the boss. We have so many Asians around that there are always tiny sizes to be found. But then I haven't looked for dresses lately so I might be lying.